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Art, Antiques & Collectables in Auction

Lewis Findley
Lewis Findley

Art, antiques and collectables tell fascinating stories and have the ability to transform your living space. 

Whether it's artworks across an array of mediums, collectables from all over the world of antiques that tell a story, there's so much for you to discover at auction so what are you waiting for?

Take a deeper look at what you can bid, win and love with William George.

Art Auctions

Buying art can be a tricky process. There are so many mediums to consider, the space that you want to transform and what you actually like! 

Well in our guide: How To Buy Art - Top Tips, we explained how you can add your personality to your living spaces with art that resonates with you!

Art is a fascinating world though. There are so many mediums which possess their own superpowers, they can take you on a spiritual journey. There are also artworks so famous, they inspired their own spotlight. Check it out here: Famous Art Auctions.

To give you a greater insight into the world of art, check out these guides on established or emerging mediums:

Do you know some of the most expensive artworks ever sold at auction? Check out this spotlight: The Most Expensive Paintings Sold in Auction.

When buying art, you need to ensure that you are buying genuine pieces. Check out our guide to learn how you can spot fake art: Art Forgery - How to Spot a Fake Artwork.

Check out the art that we have in auction to add new stories to your home: view art in auction

Collectable Auctions

Everyone has a hobby, so why not celebrate it? 

Whether it's collecting coins from the medieval ages or even Pokèmon cards, they are a fantastic link to a nostalgic time or something which is important to you.

Collectables have been making the headlines in recent times and even shattered some records. 

Did you hear about the viking coins that could rewrite British history? Check it out here: Seized Viking Coins Could Rewrite British History.

It's not just coins, there was the amazing story at how the Worlds most expensive Pokemon card sells for over £40,000.

Embrace your hobby or start a new one by hitting the link: view collectables in auction.

Antique Auctions

Whenever you deal with antiques, never forget your CARD. 

This acronym stands for Condition, Age, Rarity and Desire. 

To help you understand more, check out our guide: Buying Antiques in auction Guide.

In this guide, you'll explore the world of antiques and learn how you can find those hidden gems in auction. 

An example of a hidden gem was a chess piece that attracted national news after its potential value was revealed. You probably heard about but here it is: Chess Piece Bought for £5 could be worth £1m.

The world of antiques is fascinating and can be a fantastic way to add history to your home. 

To view antiques that we have in auction, hit the link: view antiques in auction.

Final Words

Art, antiques and collectables are a fantastic way to improve your home.

Whether you're looking for a new artwork to give a wall a new story, a collectable to adorn a collection or an antique to add a sense of history, there's a fantastic collection of catalogues available. 

Check out our latest catalogues and see what you can bid, win and love at auction today by hitting the button below!