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The last decade has brought significant changes to the auction industry and online auctions have been rapidly growing in popularity.
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A Whirlwind Decade - The Rise of Auctions

Mark Falco
Mark Falco

The 2010s was a whirlwind. It seems like a lifetime ago that Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, Kate and Will got married, and London hosted the Olympic Games.

The last decade has brought significant changes to the auction industry too, and there has been a considerable shift in the way people buy and sell at auction.

Rapid Growth in Online Auctions

Online auctions have been rapidly growing in popularity with more auctions taking place online than ever before. Big players such as Christie's and Sotheby's getting involved and hosting online only auctions has helped bring more buyers to the format.

Auctioneering is one of the oldest industries in the world, so the fact that it can evolve and thrive is no surprise. The last decade saw records smashed with items selling at online auctions for millions of pounds.

Auctions Anytime, Anywhere

As average online auction lot values and selling rates are on the rise, the future of auctions is increasingly online. Auctions are accessible at any time, on any device by a broad e-commerce savvy community of buyers.

William George has been at the forefront of the growth of online auctions, but back in 2010, there was no William George. You'll have to turn your history books back to 2012 to find them. Founded with a passion for making auctions accessible to everyone, this mission has been at the heart of everything since.

A lot has happened since then, growing from one solitary auction to over 600 auctions in 2019. A legion of over 700 vendors helped bring over 40,000 lots to auction across categories ranging from art and antiques to classic cars and machinery.

Stylish New Surroundings

2019 was an exciting year for William George, kick-started with an office move to the home of Peterborough United Football Club. The move brought with it stylish surroundings, superfast internet and of course, a magnificent view of the pitch.

The Seller Hub

The Seller Hub has been the most significant innovation at William George this decade. A portal designed to make it quicker, more relaxed and more straightforward to get your items into an auction. Whether you're selling the odd curiosity or looking to take your whole business online, auctions are a fantastic route to market.

We created The Seller Hub off the back of feedback from auction sellers who were looking for more control of their listings. You can now upload lots in your own time, add descriptions, images and set your reserves.

After the auction, you'll get a report of your sales, be able to mark lots as dispatched and much more. Manage your sales, shipping and invoices all in one place.

If the state of the art Seller Hub isn't enough to tempt you to try selling at auction in 2020, then how does 0% seller commission sound? You'll keep 100% of the hammer price when your items sell.

Sell at Auction for Free

If you're looking to trial selling at auction then why not trying listing in one of our collective auctions, there are no listing fees to pay and a wide variety every month.

Get in touch today to find out how selling at auction can work for you.