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Our Values

Our Team
Our Values

We believe there is a better way of treating people.

We care deeply about each and every transaction and interaction and provide a trusted online platform for buyers and sellers. We provide a marketplace that brings people together and creates sustainable solutions using human-centred technology. We’re transparent in all that we do, challenging ourselves to do more for our team, more for our community and more for our planet.

Our Values

Lead with our values.

We’re different because we measure our success against our values and not against our numbers. By holding ourselves and our partners accountable to our values first and foremost, we can help our community thrive together, in good times and bad.

Better ourselves

We won’t settle for OK. We demand more from ourselves. We’re always striving to set new standards. We support each other in our goal to be that little bit better than yesterday. We know we can always do more, and we embrace feedback to help us get there. We admit it when we fall short, we learn, and we try again.

Keep things simple

We use technology where we can, to make things easier for everyone, but we make sure it’s human-centred. Technology smooths the path, it’s our community that enrich the journey.

Take responsibility for our planet

We will always take steps to minimise our impact, from not selling Ivory & Furs, actively working towards becoming Carbon Neutral, and creating opportunities for our team to volunteer with local and national projects.

Keep our promises

We do what we say we will, whether it’s for our customers or for each other. We act with integrity, and we build sustainable and trusting relationships along the way. Through being honest, we empower people to make informed decisions.

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