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How do I know which lots I have won ?

You can now log in to our all-new portal and navigate to your ‘Buy’ homepage. Here you will see at a glance your most recently won lots and your winning bids.

How can I pay for my lots ?

We currently support card payments across all card types except Amex for invoices of under £1000.

You can find links to pay by card online from your buy home page via recently won lots or from recent invoices. When paying by card, you will be able to instantly access the seller’s details by clicking on the ‘Collection Notes’ link which appears alongside all paid invoices.

For invoices at £1000 and over you will find a link to your invoice from the ‘Buy’ homepage where you can use the bank details to arrange a bank transfer.When paying by bank transfer, our accounts team will mark your invoice as paid at which point you will be able to access your collection note.

In all cases you will receive an email from us keeping you informed and guiding you to the right place for the action you require.

Pay by card:

Step 1

You will receive an email advising you of your auction win which will include a link to the card payment system.  Card payment is only available for invoices under £1,000.
Image of email advising you of where payment is required
The card payment link can also be accessed through your buyer account on by navigating to Buy, Invoices and then clicking the Pay button next to the relevant invoice.
Image showing the area of your account where you need to go to pay

Step 2

Once you have clicked the Pay button within the email or your Buyer account, it will take you to the below page, please double check the email address and invoice number are correct and then click Pay.
Image showing the account view when paying
This will then take you to the card payment page which will confirm the total payment amount on the left-hand side, as below.  To proceed with the payment, please then select the card payment type and then enter your card details as prompted.  
Image showing the various available payment methods
It is important to make sure the correct card payment type is selected as this can prevent payment from going through.  Please also ensure you type the cardholder’s name as it appears on the card.

Step 3

Once payment has been successfully processed you will receive the below message.  This should happen instantly.
Image showing a successful payment

What are your payment terms ?

Payment for your lots is due at 4pm on the 2nd working day after the auction closes.
So, if the auction ends at 8pm on Sunday, your invoice will fall due on Tuesday at 4pm.

You will receive email reminders on the day the invoice falls due. Prompt payment allows you to connect with the seller at the earliest opportunity and arrange delivery or collection with them to secure your lots.

We take a fair and reasonable approach to late payments with a focus on respect for the seller and other bidders who lost out. Our focus is on uniting winners with their new lots and clear payment schedules for our sellers. This attitude keeps the marketplace a thriving and positive experience for all, and we appreciate your recognition of this.

We don’t hide behind our terms, preferring to make values-led and human centred decisions, and we expect the same level of respect back from those enjoying our marketplace.

Our full terms can be found
here which provide clarity in the event that an appropriate resolution is not forthcoming.

What will I end up paying ?

We believe in complete transparency and want our customers to make informed decisions around bidding and buying. Below are some examples of how an invoice is calculated.

Please note each lot will include its own VAT status and differing delivery options.
Buyer’s Premium rates can vary from auction to auction and from lot to lot.
Please read each lot to ensure you know what to expect – all of these figures are clearly displayed.

Your winning bid: £100
VAT on lot (No): £0
Buyer’s Premium (25%): £25
VAT on Buyer’s Premium (20%): £5
Delivery Estimate: £15
Total Payable: £145.00

Your winning bid: £1000
VAT on lot (Yes): £200
Buyer’s Premium (22%): £220
VAT on Buyer’s Premium (20%): £44
Delivery Estimate: (Free): £0
Total Payable: £1464.00

How do I get hold of the lots I have won ?

Once your payment has been processed you will be able to connect with the seller via the ‘collection note link’ by logging in to your portal and navigating to Buy>Invoices>Paid invoices>Collection notes

You can then contact the seller by email or phone to make the necessary arrangements.

If delivery is free or has been included on your invoice then you will simply need to notify the seller of your preferred delivery address.

If delivery is to be arranged then once you have discussed your delivery requirements, payment for the delivery can be made direct to the seller. You will receive an email once the seller has dispatched the items to you and you will be able to view any tracking info provided by the seller in your buyer portal.

If your items don’t arrive when you are expecting, we would ask you to recontact the seller in the first instance to trace your package and if that doesn’t yield positive results then please let us know via live chat or email

Can I reclaim VAT against lots I have won ?

If you hold a business account then you can reclaim VAT on your winning bid where it is charged via your quarterly VAT return.

Do I have to pay VAT if I am exporting the goods I have won ?

Where VAT is applicable to your goods, VAT will be payable.
The VAT element can be refunded to you on production of the relevant export documentation proving the goods have left the UK.
If this documentation is not provided within 4 weeks of the purchase then the VAT element will be released to the vendor and you will need to reclaim the VAT from the seller directly by providing the export documentation to them.
Where this is not possible, or if that export takes place after the vendor has submitted their quarterly VAT return then you will need to reclaim the VAT from HMRC direct.

The buyer’s premium is a service provided in the UK and cannot be exported and so at no time is it possible for this portion of VAT to be refunded, other than where a full refund is processed when goods are returned to the seller.

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