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Is VAT charged on top of my bid ?

Not always – many pre-loved goods are sold peer-to-peer without VAT.

Where we host auctions on behalf of VAT registered businesses then VAT will be applied to your winning bid.

You can clearly check the VAT status of each lot as it is displayed immediately below the box where you enter your bid.

This is dependent on whether the seller is a VAT registered business or not, and the type of goods offered.

For our business sellers we require a valid VAT registration number to apply VAT to their goods.
Standard VAT rate is 20%
VAT on children’s clothes is charged at 5%
VAT on books is charged at 0%

We recommend checking the VAT status of each lot before you decide on your budget and place any bids.

Can I reclaim VAT against lots I have won ?

If you hold a business account, then you can reclaim VAT from HMRC on your winning bid where it is charged via your quarterly VAT return.

You can request a VAT invoice from us by emailing your invoice number, business address and VAT number to

Please note that in order to do this, the item must have been won via your registered business bidding account.

Do I have to pay VAT if I am exporting the goods I have won ?

Where VAT is applicable to your goods, VAT will be payable.

The VAT element can be refunded to you on production of the relevant export documentation proving the goods have left the UK.

If this documentation is not provided within 4 weeks of the purchase, then the VAT element will be released to the vendor, and you will need to reclaim the VAT from the seller directly by providing the export documentation to them.

Where this is not possible, or if that export takes place after the vendor has submitted their quarterly VAT return, then you will need to reclaim the VAT from HMRC direct.

VAT on Buyer’s Premium

VAT is always charged at 20% on the buyer’s premium.

The buyer’s premium is a service provided in the UK and cannot be exported and so at no time is it possible for this portion of VAT to be refunded, other than where a full refund is processed when goods are returned to the seller.

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