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Can I get my items delivered ?

Yes – in most cases our vendors offer a delivery service. Each lot contains delivery information which can be:

Delivery available
Collection only
Collection or Delivery

We always encourage our sellers to support a range of competitively and fairly priced delivery services. In some cases, delivery is not always possible, for example with vehicles or oversized and specialist items.

Where delivery is not available, we recommend that you check the location of the item before bidding so that you can make an informed decision about collecting items.

Each lot contains a location field which presents the ‘out code’ part of the postcode, e.g. PE2 or NE24. This allows you to check the location of the item so you can decide if it’s reasonable and cost effective for you to collect.

If you are not able to collect, we recommend using a service such as who will provide competitive quotes for collecting items on your behalf.

In all cases, we aim to offer you enough detail for you to decide how the cost and availability of delivery or collection arrangements will impact what you are willing and able to bid.

How much will delivery cost ?

There are of course a huge number of variables when it comes to the cost of delivery, including the size, shape, weight, distance, urgency and level of insurance.

Therefore, the below is just a guide based on common transport options at the time of writing (April 2022).

Small Parcels 35x45x16cms & up to 2kg: from £3
Medium Parcels & Tubes: 61x46x46cms & up to 20kg: from £6
Large Parcels 150x150x150cms up to 30kg: from £15
Standard Pallet: from £65+VAT

Overzised Pallet: from £120+VATPrices vary based on courier and any additional insurance, recorded delivery or next day delivery services will incur higher fees.

Collection instead?

Where you feel a delivery quote is too high, you are able to request quotes via or your preferred courier to collect on your behalf.

Please note that delivery costs and timescales are still being heavily impacted by both Covid-19 and the current exceptionally high price of fuel, both of which are outside of our control.

We work alongside our vendors to offer fair and competitive postage and free P&P wherever possible.

When will my items arrive ?

Each of our vendors may offer differing delivery timescales dependant on several factors.

You will be notified by email when your goods have been dispatched and this will include tracking information where it is available.

We recommend that where delivery schedules are critical to your bidding/purchasing decision that you enquire via our live chat or to establish what is possible.

If your item has not arrived when expected, then you can access the seller’s information by logging into your portal and navigating to your ‘invoices’ section. Here you will be able to view the seller’s contact details against any paid invoice to enquire with them directly about the expected delivery date.

If you do not receive a suitable response in a reasonable time frame then please get in touch via our live chat and we will assist.

Happy with your purchase ?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional, industry-leading customer service.
We currently have 4.7 on Trustpilot & 4.6 on Google.
If you are happy with your experience with William George we would be delighted if you would
leave us a positive review.
It’s the kindest way you can show your appreciation for our dedicated team’s hard work!

Not so happy ?

We’re already number 1 for customer service in our industry – but we’re not settling for that! We’re always looking to improve. Your feedback helps us do that, and so if you’re unhappy with your experience then our live chat is the best place to offer it so we can review what’s gone wrong, and work with you to put it right.

We’re confident our team can do that, and we base our decisions on fairness, respect and integrity. We trust and empower our team to provide relatable and human decisions and act swiftly and reasonably where disputes arise.

Want to return an item ?

Where an item is materially different to its description in auction, then you have a right to be disappointed.

In those circumstances we recommend contacting the seller to discuss your concerns.

In the event that you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion with them, then please seek to get in touch with us and let us know about your situation.

There are a variety of options at our disposal and we recommend that you explore those options with us before returning an item to the seller.

We base our decisions on fairness, respect and integrity. We trust and empower our team to provide relatable and human decisions and act swiftly and reasonably where disputes arise.

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