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Buyer's Guide: Cars online

Jacob Margiotta
Jacob Margiotta

So, you're after a new Whip? You've got a few choices… Head down to the main local dealership for a fleecing! The best part about this is you don't just get fleeced on the day, but you get to sign up for repeated fleecing's at regular intervals called 'Service Plans' Where they find nails in your tyres with unthinkable frequency.

Throw into the mix having to endure the sales patter of a cheap suited 'Sales Manager' whose latest tricks include suggesting that haggling is now a thing of the past and all prices are set by head office amongst other tomfoolery.

God have mercy on you if you go down this route, and don't forget to protect your paintwork for the incredibly low price of £599 while you're there.


If you've been burned by that method before, then you might look to a smaller local dealer. These garages are stocked with cars purchased from huge vehicle auctions which are far from consumer-friendly places and consist of former rental vehicles or company pool cars which have been treated harshly but multiple users.


So where should you be looking, and how do you avoid the pitfalls?


If you're nervous about buying a vehicle online, then you needn't be. The emergence of new firms such as Cazoo, and staples like webuyanycar alongside eBay, Autotrader and more, is evidence enough that buying and selling vehicles has moved online just like any other commodity.


William George bring a range of privately owned commercial, family, executive, classic and prestige vehicles to auction. You don't need to be a member. You don't need to be a trader. You don't need to be an expert.


We don't charge our seller's any fees or any commission for selling vehicles, so you can pick up a bargain. What are you waiting for?


Take a look at our cars and commercial vehicles category for upcoming auctions and highlight-reel vehicles


When you've spotted the car of your dreams, then make sure you do your research. HPI checks should be a minimum to ensure you're aware of any relevant history. Ask for any additional or supporting information from the vendor early to give them the best chance of getting you comprehensive answers.


Think about it – the reason sellers bring their car to auction is that they want a quick sale and perhaps don't have the time to take 15 people out for a test drive on a Sunday afternoon. They also don't want to get robbed by Philip Schofield, and his mates at we buy any car. We offer them a fee-free route to market so they can advertise their vehicle at a fair and reasonable price, and you can browse and bid in confidence from the comfort of the sofa.


Look no further than William George to find your new ride at a competitive price, with our approachable team on hand to help you along the way.