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A buyer's guide to buying designer clothes and handbags from online auctions.
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Buyer's Guide: Designer clothing and handbags

Vikki Wilkinson
Vikki Wilkinson

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about designer items that make you want to do a little dance. The sheer effort behind the detail in their design coupled with their expensive price tag make them that bit more exciting.

Whether you’ve been saving and are waiting for the next big pay day to treat yourself, or you are someone who is perhaps used to spending that little bit more; the dancing feeling is unanimous. What’s even better is that shopping designer is one of the ways in which we can help alleviate the impact of fashion on the environment; a goal I think most of us share (even more so after this last year).

So, a dancing feeling coupled with improved shopping habits… what’s not to like? Here’s my buying guide to help you find your dream designer piece and avoid making any slip ups when buying online.

Set a budget and stick to it. It’s much easier if you have a number in mind as it will help with discipline if you feel yourself getting swayed in the heat of the moment.

Create a mood board. These aren’t only useful for redesigning your home! There’s so much choice nowadays, and there’s a lot to be said for having a streamlined approach. It’s a great way of crafting your own personal style as well as subconsciously differentiating between what we want versus what we actually need.

Measure up and make sure! No matter the bargain, the fabulousness of the style or the length of time you’ve been searching for it, if a garment doesn’t fit, then don’t buy it. A good tip is to keep a note of your measurements on your phone so you’re sure.

Check the quality. Inspect the images of the garment as closely and thoroughly as you can, checking for visible weaknesses in the seams, tears in delicate fabrics, or any tell-tale moth damage. Definitely ask for more photos if you feel you can’t see everything you should be able to or request more information if you need it.

Be mindful of what you’re buying. “Does this item spark joy” is a general rule of thumb I like to go by. Having this attitude tends to lead to fewer impulse buys.

Run it past a friend. A second opinion is extremely valuable and can aid you in whether or not you actually want to part with your pennies.

Make a wish list and make use all of those smartphone features and save your favourite items for later. If you’re buying online at auction, these can be live for a fortnight or much longer, which allows you time to go back to an item… if it makes the final cut!

You’re all set! Having the above in mind when considering your designer purchase will guide you towards making that all important final decision. Also, it’s good to remember you’re making an investment rather than contributing to the ever-wasteful fast fashion industry - something we are highly on board with here at William George.

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