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A buyer's guide to buying from liquidation sales in online auctions.
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Buyer's Guide: Liquidation sales

Vikki Wilkinson
Vikki Wilkinson

Here at William George, we are always looking for exciting opportunities to offer our customers. Rather than passing large amounts of product between organisations, we love the fact that independent traders are able to get their hands on sizeable volumes of juicy stock at bargain prices.

We’ve seen a huge boost in online sales during the pandemic meaning there’s deals to be had and this guide might help give you the inspiration you need to grab an opportunity.

Depending on what you’re looking for, we have a great selection of product sourced from top end retailers, including John Lewis, which allows for exciting access to popular branded stock at very low prices. Take your time to browse and see what is on sale that looks of interest. There’s normally a selection of these types of auctions (with at least two a week sourced from John Lewis) which will describe what’s included with images provided alongside.

Sometimes some of the items included in the pallet might be damaged or faulty; some people have the skills to fix these or otherwise could sell the parts separately.

Other times you might find the stock has simply been sent back to the retailer as an unwanted gift and is in perfect working condition; in which case you can either keep it as a treat or sell on for a profit.

We believe resolutely in both accessibility and transparency; we always give the buyer as much information as we have for them to make informed choices when purchasing.

You have the ability on our website to set a maximum bid before starting the bidding process. We’d encourage you to do this as these auctions are popular, and normally with no reserves. If there’s VAT to pay this will be clearly stated underneath the auction title.

Any delivery charges will also be detailed and we are flexible, so if you would like to arrange your own courier or collect the items yourself you can.

We have a brilliant team who are on hand to help with any queries you might have – whether you’re completely new to liquidation sales or have a niggling question related to a purchase you’ve made and you want to double check. We’re available through the live chat function and are happy to assist.

If you are the successful highest bidder, we will contact you with a payment request via email and final details will be confirmed of the sale. After that, the balls in your court as to what you do with your new stock! Good luck!

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