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A guide to buying refurbished tech including shopping tips and what to avoid
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Buyer’s Guide: Refurbished tech


In today's dynamic world of ever-advancing technology, staying ahead of the curve can be both exciting and challenging. Thankfully, there's an intelligent and eco-conscious choice: buying refurbished tech. If you're looking for fantastic deals on high-quality electronics, you've come to the right place! Here we'll explore the reasons to choose refurbished tech, offer advice on making the right choices, and share some valuable tips for a successful shopping experience.

What is refurbished tech?

Don’t confuse ‘used’ with ‘refurbished’ as the two things are very different. Used simply means used, whereas refurbished means the product had a previous life before being recycled or returned. It then went through a makeover, with testing and repairs done by either the manufacturer or a third party, before reaching the secondary market.

Why buy refurbished tech?

Incredible savings

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of purchasing refurbished tech is the remarkable cost savings. Whether you're budget-conscious or simply love getting the best bang for your buck, refurbished electronics are massively more affordable than brand-new items. This means you can enjoy cutting-edge features without breaking the bank.

Sustainable shopping

Opting for refurbished tech is not just economical; it's also a sustainable choice. By giving pre-owned devices a second lease of life, you're actively participating in the reduction of electronic waste which is a huge environmental problem. The production of new electronics consumes valuable resources and energy, so choosing refurbished contributes to a greener planet.

Quality assurance

Contrary to common misconceptions, refurbished tech doesn't equate to subpar quality. Reputable refurbishers subject devices to rigorous testing and refurbishment processes to meet or even surpass the original manufacturer's standards. In many cases, you'll receive a product that's virtually indistinguishable from new.

Tips for success

When embarking on your refurbished tech journey, it's essential to approach your purchases with mindfulness. Here are some key considerations:

Source selection

Opt for a reliable source for your refurbished electronics. Obviously as you’re reading this you’re already in the right place! Many of our vendors have been selling with us regularly for years with a proven track record. We’ll also will return your money if what you receive isn’t as listed. Avoid purchasing from unfamiliar sellers, as the quality and reliability of their refurbished products can be inconsistent, and you don’t want to waste your money.

Model research

Before making a purchase, invest some time in researching the specific model you're interested in and go for brands you know. Read reviews and check for any known issues or recalls associated with that product. This step will empower you to make a well-considered choice and avoid potential hiccups.

Detailed inspection

Upon receiving your refurbished tech, conduct a thorough inspection, testing all functions and features to ensure everything is as expected as you don’t want to find unexpected problems months down the line. In the event you notice any concerns, reach out for assistance.

Avoid certain products

Whilst buying items such as laptops, MacBooks and ipads that have been refurbished is a great idea, there are items you should probably avoid for obvious reasons. These being ones that potentially have been worn a lot, such as earbuds and headphones!

Be cost conscious

We always advise before bidding that you decide on your budget before you get going. This stops you getting carried away and spending more than you’re comfortable with. From your research you should know which tech suits your needs and have an idea of what it’s likely to cost you. If you’re bidding with us and get outbid, we’ll let you know and with timed auctions you’re not going to be put on the spot to make a hasty decision.

Purchasing refurbished tech is a savvy and eco-conscious choice that allows you to enjoy high-quality gadgets without straining your finances. By selecting a trustworthy source, conducting research and thoroughly inspecting your product you can confidently navigate the world of refurbished electronics. Remember, it's not just about securing a fantastic deal; it's about making a positive impact on your budget and the environment.

So, start exploring our range of refurbished tech today and discover how you can elevate your tech game while being a responsible and savvy consumer!