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An expert guide to buying jewellery from online auctions.
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Buying jewellery at auction

Helen Marvel
Helen Marvel

One of the joys of auctions is the opportunity to find unique pieces that would be difficult to source elsewhere. This is particularly the case when it comes to jewellery. Of course, it’s not always about antique or vintage and new creations can also be found in auction, usually at a much lower price than their RRP would be, plus the choice is vast.

If you have reservations about buying without being able to actually see and touch the item, don’t worry. Follow our steps below and you’ll be purchasing a stunning piece with confidence.

Study the description
We encourage our vendors to fill their auction listings with as much detail as possible, putting themselves in a buyer’s shoes and covering all possible questions. This applies to images too and you should see many photographs of the item from various angles.

Do your research
If you need to know something that isn’t included in the listing, you can ask, and we’ll make sure you get the information you’re missing. Our auctions normally run for at least two weeks, so you have plenty of time to properly investigate whether the piece that’s caught your eye is one you definitely want to bid on.

Don’t get carried away
Timed auctions let you set a maximum bid so you shouldn’t go beyond your budget. You can see the starting bid and of course don’t know the reserve the seller has chosen but you can decide what your spend limit is. You’ll be prompted if someone enter a higher bid and then it’s up to you whether you want to commit more.

Buy from a trusted source
At William George we have trusted vendors who have sold with us regularly for many years and we always check to ensure any new sellers are genuine. We also hold your funds for 14 days before releasing them, so you have the opportunity to check your item and make sure what you’ve bought matches its description, so your money is safe.

Keep your eyes open
We hold many jewellery auctions, from a variety of time periods and styles, including loose gemstones, so it’s worth signing up for our newsletter and we can keep you updated on exciting new sales coming your way, so you’ll never miss out.

Enjoy it!
Bidding and buying through online auctions is a fun and easy way to shop. You can find unique bargains and investment pieces and can do so with full peace of mind.

 Take a look around at what we can tempt you with today.