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COVID-19 and its effect on William George and our online auctions.
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COVID-19 and Our Auctions

Luke Davies
Luke Davies

Imagine being cooped up at home for an extended period, no football, and an ever depleting list of events you had planned. Sounds pretty rough right? Well, unfortunately, this is a genuine possibility.

The threat of the COVID-19 grows day by day, and the countries surrounding us are adopting more and more stringent measures. People are panic buying loo roll up the ying-yang as if the Coronavirus is going to cause them to double their toilet usage over the coming weeks and pasta is every nation's new favourite cuisine. I suppose if they run out of paper after moving through types 1 to 7 of the Bristol stool chart, they can hydrate a lasagne sheet and use that, every cloud.



Jokes aside, it is a problematic global situation, and boredom is going to be the second most significant issue. Not if we have anything to do about it! Over the past week, we have been putting into place our strategy for coping with a potential quarantine and have learnt that we can continue to bring you fantastic auction catalogues as usual!

Being an online business does help separate us from the nasties that come with a global pandemic, at least to some extent. Our shop is your home, desk or phone, so it is set just how you like it. It is familiar, clean, and best of all, you're in control.

We will be at the end of your phone or computer, ready to take your queries and help you bid, win and love fantastic items just like usual!

It is time for us all to band together and look out for each other as we should always and if we can help you not lose your marbles to boredom then we are going to blooming well try!