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In this guide, You'll uncover the stories behind pink, purple, chameleon and orange diamonds which are some of the rarest diamonds in the world.
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Buyer's Guide: coloured diamonds part 2

Lewis Findley
Lewis Findley

Fancy Coloured Diamonds Part 3

In this guide, we are going to explore even more fancy-coloured diamonds to unlock their unique stories and why they are so popular among buyers. 

In our previous guides, we featured some of the rarest diamonds on earth in the form of Yellow, Black, Grey and White diamonds.

In this guide, we are going to explore:

  • Orange diamonds.
  • Chameleon diamonds.
  • Pink diamonds.
  • Purple diamonds.

According to some statistics, you have a better chance of finding a fancy-coloured diamond than winning an Oscar! 

Kicking off this guide are orange diamonds!

Orange Diamonds

Image Via - Diamond Pro

When a diamond is saturated with nitrogen, it can cause the diamond to develop an orange colour.

It's true that nitrogen is the source of yellow hues as well. The difference is the way the nitrogen atoms group together when the diamond forms.

A hyper-specific grouping will absorb blue and yellow to create an orange colour. 

Due to the majority of orange diamonds containing a secondary colour, finding a pure one is extremely difficult.

Orange diamonds are scaled from faint to fancy deep.

Chameleon Diamonds

Image Via - Pinterest

Chameleon diamonds are a scientific marvel because they can change colour like the animal! This can last from a few minutes to an hour.

One of the contributing factors is heat. They have two types - classic and reverse.

  • Classic - they turn from an olive green colour to a mixture of grey, yellow and green and then to an orangey-yellow colour.
  • Reverse - These stones show contrasting behaviour. A light yellow stone can become darker or green in a dark environment.

Trivia - most chameleon diamonds fall under the classic bracket.

Chameleon diamonds are only found in fancy, fancy dark or fancy deep. 

Pink Diamonds

Image Via - Graff

These stones are some of the rarest in the world and currently holds the accolade of being the most expensive in history.

Despite the fact they can be found in several places around the world, the largest known deposit is in Western Australia. 

How Pink diamonds get their colour is still unknown but they are graded from faint to dark. 

Pink diamonds can be found with a secondary colour but what influences their price is the absence of the secondary colour.

Purple Diamonds

Image Via - Arpege Diamond Blog

Another scientific marvel because the origin of their colour is unknown!

Another fancy-coloured diamond which shares this trait are red-coloured diamonds.

However, traces of hydrogen and boron can be found in the purple stone.

It's not uncommon for a purple diamond to contain a secondary colour, the most common of these are pink, red, brown and grey. 

Final Words

Fancy-coloured diamonds are incredible stories. 

Even though we do not fully understand them yet, the instant feeling we get from viewing one provides our own unique experience. 

As we search deeper into the world of fancy-coloured diamonds, perhaps another discovery will be made?

What are your thoughts on fancy-coloured diamonds? Hit the comments and let us know!