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After NYFW, London's the next destination and it's renowned for its avant-garde tone. What can you expect? A visit from the Queen? Check out our LFW guide.
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Fashion Week Guide: London

Lewis Findley
Lewis Findley

London Fashion Week (LFW)

Straight after New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the fashion rollercoaster stops off in the UK for London Fashion Week (LFW).

Organised by The British Fashion Council (BFC), and their partners, it's one of the biggest fashion events on the calendar.

How? 80 designers from 60 countries chose London as their venue in one of their bi-annual fashion weeks which are traditionally known for their avant-garde tone. 

On the whole, fashion is a huge part of UK culture and plays a massive role in their economy too!

UK Fashion

As well as playing a major part of UK culture, the fashion industry contributed £32.3bn in GDP to the UK economy in 2017 and supports 890,000 jobs! 

This makes it one of, if not the, biggest creative industry in the UK.

What's remarkable is that LFW only started in 1983! Despite being in its infancy compared to the 'Big Four', the UK boasts an envious pool of talent.

Supermodels such as Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn and a host of others have graced the catwalk and brought to life the creations of some of the biggest designers in the world.

Now that you have an idea of the size and scale of UK fashion, what's it like at LFW?

London Fashion Week (LFW)

There's so much variety at LFW, it would be impossible to cover it all!

However, this video by the British Fashion Council might help.



This video gave you an insight into LFW but the event itself is massive. To put this into perspective, the 2018 Spring/Summer edition had:

  • 47 catwalks.
  • 21 shows filmed in VR.
  • 28 presentations.
  • 32 events.

As you can imagine, LFW is going to be lively at the front end but is it the same backstage?

Backstage at Fashion Week

If you've ever wondered what happens behind the curtain, FashionTV has you covered!

In this video, you'll be able to see the scale of the operation that goes on backstage!



Now that you have an idea of LFW, check out some of the moments which are still spoken about today.

London Fashion Week Iconic Moments

For a designer, Fashion Week is a fantastic opportunity to generate some buzz or even make history for your brand.

These designers took that opportunity and made it their own. From Prince to robots spraying models with paint, check out these moments.

1) Prince Performs at London Fashion Week

In 2008, Matthew Williamson celebrated his first decade in fashion in style when Prince performed at his show. Not bad, eh?


2) Shalom Harlow Mechanical tan

In 1999, Shalom Harlow was mechanically sprayed by two machines whilst modelling a strapless white dress on a moving wooden platform.



3) Queen Elizabeth II attends LFW

The Queen surprised us all with a visit to LFW FW18. She presented an award to emerging talent, Richard Quinn.



What a day to remember!

4) Haiti: Fashion for Relief

Naomi Campbell held an A-list fashion show in aid of Haiti in 2010.

She was joined by Kate Moss and Annabelle Neilson. The show was called 'Fashion For Relief Haiti Fashion Show'. 

Designers contributed pieces to the show and it was incredibly varied and vibrant.



5) Victoria Beckham LFW Video 

Victoria Beckham and Vogue released a video ahead of LFW SS18 to provide details about her anniversary in fashion.

A fantastic throwback, you explore how her brand has transformed over the years and a few words by her.


Video Via: British Vogue


Final Words

What are we going to see this year? That is anybody's guess.

After the Queen of the United Kingdom made an unofficial appearance, we enter new realms of unknowability.

What are you looking forward to during LFW? Hit the comments and let us know!