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Reasons why you should be buying retail returns and how to do this.
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How and why you should be buying retail returns


Today, we're going to let you in on a little secret that can give your online bidding game a serious boost. We're talking about the wonderful world of retail returns and why you absolutely should be getting in on the action. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and let's dive right in…

Getting the lowdown on retail returns

If you’re new to the term, retail returns are products that customers returned to the retailer for one reason or another. Maybe they were gently used, an unwanted gift, had some opened packaging, were just not the right fit for the original buyer or were faulty. There’s a whole myriad of reasons why items are returned. In our auctions you’ll find raw returns, which means they are unchecked as well as graded ones, so you know what kind of condition they will be in.

Embrace the variety

The sheer variety of stuff you can get your hands on is of course huge. We're talking anything and everything from electronic appliances, furniture, toys, fashion, home goods and more. Our auctions of retail returns are treasure troves just waiting to be explored! If you’re looking at pallets, they are usually packed in categories, for example small domestic products or home furnishings so you can have a group of items within a theme. If you've been itching to start a side hustle, expand your inventory or tap into new markets, retail returns can be your golden ticket.

Big savings

Alright, one of the key reasons for buying retail returns is saving some serious cash! You’ll have access to some seriously desirable items from big brands and because they are returns that means you’ll be saving a fortune compared to their original RRPs, so you can snag quality goods without breaking the bank.

You might be thinking, "Sure, these items have been used or opened, but are they any good?" Well, here's the thing: many retail returns are still in excellent condition. Some of them will be as new or have had only light use. Don’t discount these type of products just because they have been sent back as there are bargains to be had.

Helping the planet

Let's take a moment to appreciate the environmental aspect of buying these goods. By opting for these items, you're giving them a second chance at life instead of facing the prospect of them ending up in landfill. Not only will you be saving money and potentially making a profit, but you'll also be doing your part in reducing waste and shopping sustainably. Win-win!

A money-making opportunity

Buying pallets of retail returns, separating the items and moving them on as a reseller is a growing way of generating an extra income. Whether you find brand new items in your pallets that need no work, or you need to do some fixing up before selling, these type of items can provide you with a way of making yourself some money.

Here are our top tips for getting started:


If you’re new to our auctions, take a look around and get familiar with how bidding works, what the terms and conditions are and what final fee you’re likely to end up paying. Check our shipping info and don’t forget our BP (buyer’s premium) that’s always clearly displayed within each auction and gets added on to whatever you buy.


You’ll find lots of retail returns auctions live at any one time so take a look at what similar pallets to those you’d be interested in are selling for. You can see auctions that have closed as well as ones currently live. This gives you a flavour of what you could be buying and for what kind of price.

Start small

Begin your retail returns journey by bidding on one pallet or a small number of items to get the hang of things. If you’re not an expert in a particular area, such as electronics, experiment with different types of returns to gauge market demand and find your niche. As you gain confidence and experience, gradually expand your bidding scope and go bigger!

Ask questions

Our auctions are pretty straightforward, and we hope all our customers enjoy the experience. You should find it an easy process but if you need any help, or you feel like you need extra information on a particular listing just get in touch. Our lovely team are on hand on our live chat function should you need them.

Are you ready to get started? Course you are! Check out our retail returns area to find out more and see what’s live right now.