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An explanation of how your goods can reach you following winning an item at auction.
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How do I receive my goods?

Jacob Margiotta
Jacob Margiotta

Weirdly enough, unboxing videos are some of the most popular channels on YouTube. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to watch someone else experiencing the priceless anticipation of opening up their latest acquisition when you can get your hands on the good stuff yourself!

After the excitement of bidding and fending off competition in the final stages of the auction, receiving and unwrapping that new gadget, diamond ring or luxury watch is the moment you’ve been longing for!

So, you’ll want to know how long it’s going to take, and how much it’s going to cost, and how we work hard to handle those rare complications to ensure you can bid, win and love your new items with complete confidence!

Firstly, we encourage our sellers to offer delivery on every lot where that is reasonably possible. Geography can dictate that collections can be challenging, and in the current climate of social distancing and reducing unnecessary travel, the world of delivery has evolved to address some of these issues.

In either case, before you bid you will want to review the description of the lots you’re looking at. Towards the bottom in every lot you will see whether the item is available for collection only, delivery only, or both. Just below that you will see the first part of the postcode to enable you to estimate the journey time if you intend to collect.

The percentage of items offered with delivery has been growing for some time and is now at over 95%, enabling you to bid safe in the knowledge you won’t have to drive from Portsmouth to Peebles to pick up your peck of pickled peppers from Peter Piper.

Each seller will have slightly varied postage options ranging from Free Special Delivery (the best one) to some slower services with applicable charges payable to the seller. Again, we encourage sellers to include details of postage costs, service levels and time frames so you can be fully informed before you bid. If you can’t see that level of detail, then drop onto our live chat or send an enquiry and we will get the additional information you need.

If delivery isn’t feasible and you are unable to collect, you always have the option of obtaining a quote from a courier or ‘man in a van’ service to collect on your behalf. Again, if this is something that will work for you, then get the quote prior to bidding. Heavy, bulky, or awkward items can incur high costs to deliver so you don’t want to be shocked by that when you’ve already committed to purchase the item.

Keep your eyes peeled as we are working on bringing huge improvements to the fulfilment of lots won in auction, including great features like automatically quoting, and removing the requirement for you to liaise with the seller at all. In the meantime, we will put you in touch to make the arrangements that suit you and we’re always on standby to smooth over any difficulties that you encounter.

As we grow, we’ve taken on Sarah, the newest member of our team, who is hugely experienced and passionate about customer needs and we are putting in steps to improve your customer experience at every turn.

Your feedback is always welcomed and a critical part of the process of constant improvement that we strive for at William George so please do get in touch with good and bad news alike, so that we can bring you the best lots coupled with the best service and help you bid with confidence!

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