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An explanation on what pallet auctions are, how they work and why you should buy from them.
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How do pallet auctions work?


You’ll find an abundance of pallet auctions here at William George.

They offer a great opportunity to grab yourself some bargains whether for personal use or to sell on.

Let us tell you more:

So, what exactly are they?

Pallet auctions contain a number of items packed and sold together on a pallet, rather than sold individually.

Often these feature products that customers have returned, are surplus to requirements or are end-of-line stock.

The volume of retail returns is at an all-time high and technically when sent back by a customer, these goods have to be classed as used – whether they actually have or haven’t been.

Once the items have gone through this returned process, often they can’t be sold at their original RRP, so many retailers move them on by selling them in bulk according to their individual category – electronic goods, homeware, jewellery – so that they reach a secondary market, and that’s where William George comes in.

You’ll see we always have a number of these kind of auctions live.

Due to the nature of these items – the term “raw returns” means they are unchecked – the condition of what you’re buying varies hugely. You can be lucky and find pieces that appear completely as new, sometimes there can be damaged packaging or minor superficial issues – such as dents or scratches – or electronic goods have been ‘tested-not-working’ and can be used for spares and repairs. Some items can be broken.

You’ll see in the auction listings what products are contained on each pallet, but you won’t know the condition of each until you open your delivery.

Why should I buy from these auctions?

Because the bargain-finding opportunity here is big!

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself, such as that dream coffee machine, or you’re trying to earn some extra money, these kind of auctions can work for you.

As many of the products are sourced from major retailers, you’ll find some big brands on the pallets at a snip of their original prices.

If you are looking at this as a money-making venture, by splitting up the palleted goods and reselling individually, you’ve got a way of creating a new income stream and be up and running without any big financial outlay.

If you have skills that mean you can easily fix any small issues items may have, then this really could be for you.

How do I get my hands on these?

As with any of our auctions you’ll firstly need to register to bid on our site so that you’re ready to go. Once you’ve done this, you can get bidding!

If you’re new to bidding in auction, we advise you to set a budget in your mind so you have a figure to work to and don’t get too carried away. Cast your eyes over some previous auctions with similar content and check out what some of the lots are going for to give you an idea of the kind of price you’ll likely to be looking at.

Once the auction ends and hopefully you’re the winning bidder, you’ll receive confirmation that your bid was successful and then you simply pay for your purchase and organise delivery or pick-up. It’s super simple.

Pallet auctions are a hassle-free way of buying bulk goods at low prices and our buyers, many of whom are regulars, tell us they love the thrill of buying in this way too!

Tempted to give it a go?! Find out more here.