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Batman, Coke, Pepsi and the president are some of the nicknames given to Rolex watches. What is the story behind them? Are there any others? Yes!
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How Do Rolex Watches Get Nicknames?

Lewis Findley
Lewis Findley

The Story Behind Rolex Watch Nicknames

What’s your favourite Rolex? One circulating the office is the devastatingly elegant Daytona in Everose Gold. The use of IF-graded coloured stones on the bezel which gradate to form a rainbow and various other features which are forming a tangent!

Everyone has a story and so too does Rolex watches - from Kermit the Frog right down to the caped crusader himself, Batman.

We put together the stories behind some of Rolex’s most popular watches and of course our own!

Check out our honourable mention because it took us by complete surprise.

Rolex GMT-Master II Batman

The story behind this GMT-Master II is quite straight-forward. Resembling the black and blue of the caped crusader, it started to catch like wildfire and became colloquially known as the Rolex Batman. 

Does owning the Batman Rolex bring you closer to becoming the masked vigilante? It's sought-after among collectors and fans alike but you'll have to wait because there's a list.

Rolex Submariner Kermit/Hulk

At the time of the Submariner's 50th anniversary, Rolex decided to recognise their use of green on their signature boxes, advertising and more and used it as the colour scheme for the bezel. 

Fans started making comparisons between the watch and endeared characters such as Kermit and one of the baddest Avengers, The Hulk.

The Submariner can reach impressive depths whilst still being durable but is it as strong as the Hulk?

Rolex GMT-Master II Coca-Cola

It's not uncommon for the colour scheme of a Rolex bezel to inspire nicknames. This has been the case for an array of soft-drink companies which include Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Root-beer.

As you'd expect, the GMT-Master II Coke has a red and black bezel. It's rival, Pepsi has a blue and red bezel but the standout is the GMT-Master Rootbeer which has an eye-catching use of different hues of brown on its dial and bezel.

As GMT Masters continue to be released sporting various colour schemes, do you think there will be another nickname coming? Or do you think there should be one now?

Rolex Day-Date President

How many watches do you know are fit for a president?

When the Day-Date was released, they named the bracelet the 'President' bracelet.

Unprecedented at the time, world leaders were seen wearing them which made the name stick. 

Rolex was so impressed they use it themselves!

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller James Cameron

James Cameron became part of an ultra-exclusive club when Rolex commemorated a watch in honour of his colossal achievement. 

2012 was a breakthrough year for deepsea exploration when James Cameron reached a depth of 11,000 metres in the Mariana Trench. It's the deepest part of the world's oceans! 

Rolex created the special sea-dweller to celebrate this which has a fantastic blue to black dial and a black bezel. It has our vote!

Honourable Mention

Dominos has taken the honourable mention. Not only because it's difficult finding a link between the two but the fact that we found the watch by accident!

Back in 1977, the founder of Dominos, Tom Monaghan presented an employee this awesome watch and it spawned a challenge.

Store managers were told that if they could achieve at least $25,000 in sales each week over a month, they would be rewarded with something unique.

It's a Rolex Air King with a dominos logo on the dial, on the dial! You also see their logo on the bracelet too!

The goals have changed since then as Rolex prices have increased. Employees are said to have achieved $50,000 in sales each week - That's a lot of pizza.

Final Words

As Rolex continue to release new watches, we can't help but use different ways to describe them.

They usually release their watches annually at Baselworld and we look forward to seeing what they come up with next and also, you guys!

What's your favourite nickname? If you enjoyed the article then hit the share button and spread the trivia around. 

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