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A guide explaining how to start bidding at online auctions.
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How does online auction bidding work?

Vikki Wilkinson
Vikki Wilkinson

Whether you’re into antiques, jewellery, art, cars, or pretty much any category – we’ve got them covered. You’d be nuts not to have explored what’s available online at auction.

Our offering is of great value and with auctions being added and ending all the time, there’s no reason not to take a look at what we have to tempt you with!

We’re moving into a more current age where fast fashion and their archaic business models are no longer relevant or sought after. Greta and the Gen Z’s are making themselves heard in demanding a more sustainable, eco-friendly climate… and we’re all for it.

Along with being as transparent as we possibly can, we’ve always championed the idea of going back to basics. Rediscovering the joys of an old piece of furniture? Yes please! Bringing a new lease of life to Grandma’s old rocking chair… what’s cooler than that?! These are the kinds of upcycling stories we love and want to hear more of, not people paying over the odds for cheap copies of a designer wardrobe. Times they are a’changin’ as the legendary Dylan once famously said!

Now, this is where online auctions can unlock a whole new world, it’s whether you’re ready to embrace it that’s key. We’re well equipped here with a team of trained experts and friendly faces who feel passionately about finding a new home for pre-loved pieces. We want you to feel as enthusiastically as we do, and by the end of this article you’ll be well equipped with the information and tools you need to bid both skilfully and successfully. Before you know it, (we hope!), you’ll be tagging us in pictures of your new (and recycled) furniture looking fabulous in your home - all bought online at auction of course!

So firstly, to bid online, you need to get set up and have a registered account. Don’t worry, this is quick and we make it simple to get you up and running in no time at all. Get this part out of the way and you’ll be ready to go.

Next, you’re watching the lot you’re interested in and you start noticing the price going up by a certain amount… this is called increments. Lots can have these applied to them to ensure bidders have the best experience possible, and also to avoid erratic bidding situations. All you need to do is notice it, be aware of it, and apply it to your bidding strategy.

If you’re lucky enough to place the highest bid and are on track to win, the excitement begins! The reserve (if there is one) will have been met and your leading bid is accepted by the seller, you just need to wait for the auction to finish before you are informed of what happens next. Most of our auctions last for around a month so be patient if there’s a while to go.

Once you know you’ve won, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the post-auction process you can proceed with arranging your goods being delivered.

You’ll receive an invoice for payment which needs to be checked thoroughly before any funds are transferred. Then you can put the necessary planning in place to collect / deliver your item.

The journey starts here! Take a look and tag us @williamgeorgeauctions with any nifty finds.

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