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A guide to buying electronic customer returns from online auctions.
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How to buy electronic customer returns at auction

Helen Marvel
Helen Marvel

You will find many electronic goods in online auctions, some brand new, but also many customer returns and liquidated stock, usually pallets of different items together. With electronics, these auctions offer a huge array of goods, some of which will be in tiptop condition, some damaged and in need of repair.

Following some simple measures in the lead up to bidding and being extra hot with your due diligence prior to the lot ending will give you a sufficient step ahead when it comes to the decision-making part of bidding online successfully.

Here’s what you need to know…

You’ll be aware of what’s included in each pallet before you bid, as this will always be included in the description, so you’ll have a list of exactly what you’re bringing home, you just won’t know the condition until you open up your purchase. Of course, there is risk involved with this, but it offers an opportunity to buy desirable brands including Smeg, Dyson, Samsung and Bosch at very low prices.

Many of our return auctions, including our regular ones sourced from John Lewis, are sold on a no reserve basis so there truly are some bargains to be had!

As well as returns, you will find ex-display, second hand and damaged goods meaning there can be a wide range of electrical items on offer in varying condition at any one time. It’s most definitely worth spending the time doing your homework beforehand and if you feel you’re missing some crucial information, you can always get in touch to ask and we’ll do our best to help.

Usually condition reports aren’t available on pallets of returns, but sometimes they might be graded – typically grade A is new and unused and B is used with cosmetic marks etc.

Many of our customers buy from these sales for personal use, but buying returns also offers a great way of making money by splitting up the pallet and reselling the items individually. Having knowledge about electronic goods is a bonus, as if you have the skills to return the goods to being in mint condition, you’ll be in a great position!

We advise our customers to have a clear and set price you are willing to pay in mind before entering the bidding process. Once you’ve placed a bid, you’re committed to paying for the goods if you’re the lucky winner so having a budget in mind is helpful.

Always check the terms and conditions which are clearly stated on our website. Goods sold in any lot are sold as seen, with all faults and imperfection. It can feel like a bit of a minefield but doing extra due diligence and being confident in your bid will stand you in very good stead when it comes to making your purchase successfully.

Bidding and buying in these type of auctions is really exciting and we have many happy customers who regularly purchase from these sales. Why not give it a go yourself?!

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