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An article about buying gadgets from online auctions and saving money at William George
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How to buy must-have gadgets for less

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

There’s nothing quite like getting hold of the latest gadget – that perfectly designed, gorgeous piece of technology that sits in your hand, almost like it was made specifically for you. But they come at a price, normally a little high for my tastes. And with a cost of living crisis bearing down on us, getting hold of our favourite must-have gadgets is likely to become even more of a financial strain.

But fear not, we have some top tips on how to get that new toy you’ve coveted for months at a bargain price. And it starts right here at William George.

We have regular gadget and tech auctions selling everything from drones to massage chairs, and often made up of customer returns. These are items sent back to a retailer for a variety of reasons but are often absolutely fine. If you’re happy with a slight scratch or a bit of cosmetic damage these auctions are a great place to pick up a bargain. Bear in mind, some retail returns will be broken so check the description of items carefully. Even if it is broken, you could easily find that buying and getting it repair professionally is still cheaper than picking it up on the high street.

While we’re talking retail returns, it’s worth mentioning buying in bulk. Clearly you’re unlikely to want more than one version of your all-time favourite gadget, but it does help you get a bargain on the individual unit price if you buy more than one. Many of our retail returns are sold in palettes meaning you’ll get a whole goodie bag of stuff, probably not dissimilar to the item you’re after. Not only will that mean you’re getting more gadgets for your money but it gives you the chance to sell it on and make a profit. 

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Do your research

Scour catalogues, visit shops and browse online stores to find the best possible price – then head on back to William George armed with the knowledge of what is a fair price to bid for your item. With all that knowledge you’ll know what something should go for, which will make your purchase all the sweeter when you appreciate how much you’ve saved.

While you’re carrying out your research, check out the newest up-and-coming gadgets and gizmos. If you can get ahead of the curve on what’s hot your less likely to come up against any competition in a bidding war. 

You should also consider buying lesser-known brands of the latest tech or even own-brand from high street retailers. They might not have the kudos of the original branded and designed gadget but there are plenty of times when there are other versions that perform just as well. Again, do your research on what works for you. There will be times when the original is best but if not, these other versions can be much cheaper. Conveniently for you, we regularly sell retail returns from some major UK stores and these are perfect for picking up unbranded or own-branded tech.

Buy at the right time

If you’re treating yourself to a shiny new smart watch or the latest man toy then avoid shopping in the run up to Christmas when prices could well be pushed up. This is particularly marked with goodies that could be marketed for children or teenagers. Similarly, if you’re after something to take on holiday like an e-reader or possibly a splash-proof speaker to use on the beach you might want to think about avoiding spring and summer times for buying these. Try to time your purchases for the time of year when your item is at its lowest in popularity.