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A guide on how to find bargains online, from the UK's leading online auction house.
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How to find bargains online

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

The smell of Christmas is faintly wafting in on the breeze, the lights have gone up in the town centre and the children are singing Frozen for the umpteenth time today. Yes, the yuletide season is upon us.

And for many, that means we’ve got to buy a truckload of presents for the family, enjoy/endure an endless parade of festive drinks and meals out, and wouldn’t you know it, the fridge/freezer is on the blink, just before Auntie Margaret arrives demanding a gin and tonic.

That’s right, we could all do with a proverbial tightening of the belt at this time of year (while loosening our actual belts) – and shopping online is a fantastic way to look after your pennies. Whether it’s a gift for the little one, presents for the olds or emergency replacement white goods ahead, you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa at our online auctions.

Keep your eyes peeled

We’ve got loads of auctions selling a huge array of items, so we’ve got you covered for your Christmas shopping. As well as live auctions, keep an eye open for upcoming auctions selling the items you want. We’ve got top watch designers including Cartier, Breitling and Rolex for that special someone or memorabilia galore with signed football shirts, Mike Tyson’s boxing gloves and more for the sporting fanatic. Or for the children, big and small, you can’t go wrong with an upcoming no reserve tech and gadget auction.

Do your research

Spend some time browsing around to find the perfect item you’re looking for. Read some reviews to compare different products. Is it worth splashing out on a top-end brand? It often is – after all, those companies gained their reputation for a reason. But there are plenty of examples where unbranded or cheaper versions are actually just as good. There are lots of review websites out there that can help you make this decision.

Then have a look around to see what sort of price you might expect to pay. More often than not, it’s cheaper in an auction – and you can set your own limit. Bid what you think it might be worth and you might just grab a bargain. The more you know, the more informed your decision will be.

Don’t forget shipping

We’ve all done it. Scooped that designer jacket at an unbelievable knock-down price, only to be stung with shocking delivery charges. We don’t know how people have the nerve! Here at William George, you can see the details in the shipping section of each lot. There is often the option to collect your purchase too if you wish rather than having it delivered. Remember to take into consideration delivery costs when you place your maximum bid, that way you’ll know you’ve got yourself a real bargain.

Take a risk

This is not for everyone, but buying shop returned stock can be a fantastic way to grab a bargain. If you keep an out for our retail returns auctions you can grab desirable goods at low prices. These auctions include products that have been returned to a shop and then sold on without anyone checking if there’s a problem. They could have been returned for any number of reasons: someone bought the wrong item, the incorrect item was delivered, it had damaged packaging, or many more. And you won’t know until it arrives. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and buy a product that’s unbelievably cheap and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But even if you buy a laptop for £100 for example instead of the normal retail of £350 – and then pay £50 to have it fixed, you’ve still got yourself a bargain.

You can also find lots of returned stock that has been checked and isn’t quite shop perfect. Maybe the box is a little damaged or perhaps there’s a grubby mark on the side - but it still works just fine. Look out for graded returns and read the descriptions to find what you’re looking for.

In short, there’s something for everyone at William George – and if you put a little bit of effort in, you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic bargains.

Have a look at our live auctions and see what you fancy bidding on today!