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A guide to finding unique presents using online auctions.
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How to find unique presents

Jess Gibson
Jess Gibson

For many, by this time of year the need to sort out who’s doing what and going where at what time on Christmas Day starts to creep into their brain. That, and what they’re going to do about Christmas presents for everyone. These days, with extended family, friends who have become family, and Secret Santas for work and social groups, most people’s Christmas shopping lists are fairly long!

Going beyond the traditional Christmas gift ideas, many of us love nothing more than finding the perfect present for each and every person on their list; something loved ones didn’t even know they wanted, something a bit different…a bit unique. But, in a world of mass production, social media, and viral trends, it can be really hard to find something completely original and unexpected to gift people – where do you go to find something truly special and one-of-a-kind?

Luckily for you, there is somewhere you can go to find something a little bit special for all of those on your list…  

Online auctions

Too busy or tired after a week at work to go trawling round shops in search of the best gift? There are so many options online, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home, with the telly on in the background! And, within the realm of antiques, pre-loved goods, jewellery and collectables, the best place to find each of these things in one location and at reasonable prices is our online auctions.

Featuring second-hand and vintage items, as well as new stock, you can simultaneously find bargain tech and gaming consoles whilst also choosing more historical items, you can do a ton of your present shopping in one go. If you’re in the market for something truly unique, there’s nowhere better for you to look.  

You may not immediately have considered buying something that’s technically second-hand but if you choose wisely and think outside of the box, you can find some really wonderful items in online auctions, from valuable antiques to more unusual, less expensive items for your more quirky loved ones. A gorgeous, vintage vase? A classic necklace? A piece of art? Unique and good for the purse strings…and the environment.

A whole lot of choice

The key thing to remember about online auctions is the sheer volume of choice available. Whoever you’re shopping for, for whatever age group, there’s bound to be something you can gift.

High-end jewellery, brand-name luxury watches, classic art, themed homeware, high-quality designer tools, electrical supplies, garden goods, games consoles and tech…whatever you’re looking for can be found at an online auction and, best of all, is likely to be unique enough that you’ll leave the receiver happily dumbfounded.

Niche collections

Part of the general love of present giving comes from the enjoyment of really knowing someone, and showing them how much they mean with a thoughtful gift. This sort of trait comes in handy when you have friends and family with strong or perhaps niche interests, as there’s always loads of choice for gifts – if you know where to look.

Fandoms and collector’s items make searching for a special, thoughtful gift that little bit easier. And, the more niche a fandom or passion is, the more unexpected the gift. If you’re wanting to buy something that’s original for Christmas, online auctions are one of the best places to find it. With everything from high-street names to collective auctions featuring independent sellers and businesses, you can find the perfect presents to wrap up under the tree this Christmas!

Do they collect vintage sporting memorabilia? Or maybe they collect rare, old coins? Perhaps they covet home accessories with a genuine 60s look about them? Looking through our list of upcoming online auctions will be sure to uncover the perfect gift.

Security-minded shopping

The internet is a veritable treasure trove for gift-giving, with all its corners likely to contain something related to one or another. The issue with this, though, is that not all of these corners are regulated, so you may not always feel confident purchasing that way.

So go straight to the verified online sites that you can trust! Here at William George we have robust security and vetting measures in place to ensure your financial security and that the items you receive are what you paid for – we don’t for example, send the funds to the seller until an item has been received and verified, helping keep your money safe.

Whoever it is that you’re buying for, whether your budget is big or small, why not make it that bit special and find something in our live auctions. You never know what surprises you might uncover there!