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Top tips for getting the best return when selling goods in online auctions.
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How to get the best return for your goods


When you have goods to sell, you want to make as much profit from them as possible.

Not sure how to do this?

Then follow our quick tips for maximum money!

Perfect your listings

The combination of a comprehensive description with clear photographs will appeal to bidders as they browse the auction and tell them everything they need to know to decide how much to bid. Be detailed, don't scrimp here. We don't limit images so you can really go to town.


Is your Christmas stock going to fly out the door in June? Or can you hang onto it and list it later in the year if getting the best return is your priority. This can make all the difference!  

Reserve vs No Reserve

Depending on what you need to achieve for your lot/s you can draw in the crowds by having ‘no reserve’. More bidders = more competition and a higher hammer price.

Bidding is a rush and the thrill of competition can push up the maximum bid that someone originally had in mind.

If you decide to list with a reserve, make sure it’s realistic and it is the lowest you would accept. That way as soon as someone bids that amount you’re over the line!

Realistic reserves provide a great environment to keep momentum going and often bids roll in above and beyond the reserve amount.


If you’re selling customer returns in small job lots or individually, consider grading them rather than selling them as raw returns. This will give more people the confidence to bid when they are after a specific item, pallets of customer returns do just fine as raw ungraded returns though as everyone likes a bit of a gamble when they have a whole pallet to riffle through! 

Drop us a line

If you’re overwhelmed about the best way to list your stock, then get in touch via our live chat and we will give you advice on how to go ahead to achieve your goals. 

Boost your listings with some marketing

Once you’ve got your stock sorted, and know how you want to present it, check out our marketing packages.

There’s 0% sellers commission when you list with William George, so why not spend a little on marketing to increase your return? Packages start from just £250 and will get your stock in front of your target audience.

After the sale

Providing a smooth delivery service can earn you repeat bidders in the future. Remember, bidding wars are the best way to maximise your return so the more bidders you can get, the better.  

So, if you’re ready to make a great return on your goods, register with us today‍