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A guide from the UK's leading online auction house on how to grow your business online.
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How to grow your business online

Jess Gibson
Jess Gibson

In an age where it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry is embarking upon their own business venture, it can feel like there’s barely any room to enter the business market with your own endeavour.

With such overcrowding, the best way to set yourself apart and catch the eyes of customers is to focus on the unique selling point(s) of your business and carefully consider your online presence and marketing techniques.

If you find yourself struggling to identify a simple, affordable route to market your wares – with overheads including building a website, paying for retail space and marketing getting in the way – the best way to grow your business online can be easier than you thought. At William George, the route to market we offer you will help you to reach the right audience for your products and promote them for you.

How it can work for you…

Getting started

If you have items to sell, either as a business or an individual, finding the right platform to market yourself on is a crucial element of successfully growing your audience. Ideally, you want to find a platform that is not only free, but can help you by doing much of the heavy lifting in terms of marketing and selling.

William George is a fantastic route to market for sellers of all sizes. Unlike other well-known auction-based sites, we offer sellers the unique opportunity to retain 100% of their profits from whatever they sell in our online auctions. As a smaller seller, you can take part in a collective auction that’s completely free of charge – a great way of getting your products out there and start to build up a customer base.

If you have enough items to sell, you can jump straight in and start exclusively selling your items at a stand-alone auction. This route is ideal for most types of products as we have such a broad audience.

Nail your descriptions

Whether you’re trying a collective or creating your own auction, the importance of the descriptions and images shouldn’t be underestimated. This is your shop window, so you need to spend time making sure they’re as strong as they can be. We don’t put a limit on how many images you can upload so really go for it and show off your items from all angles! Copy needs to be engaging, easy to read and cover off any possible questions potential buyers may have. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know?

Social media and marketing

Social media has grown exponentially in the past 15 years, fast becoming one of the biggest tools for communication, news, and business. Appropriately, then, ensuring that your business has an online social media presence is vital for success these days.

In the early stages of your business or selling journey, however, it’s prudent to gauge the audience that you are aiming your wares at so that you can build your brand voice and, eventually, your own platform if that’s your ambition.

By participating in auctions on our website, you have a platform upon which to make a name for yourself, helping you grow an audience via regularly selling your items and proving your credentials. As mentioned, not only is taking part in collective auctions free of charge, but you also retain the entirety of the profits. Also, vitally, our auctions are marketed on our website, to our database, and with our partners – we do the hard work so you don’t have to!

We can help you to gain some footing in the world of social media by offering additional marketing packages for activity such as paid Facebook campaigns, reducing your need for shelling out extortionate amounts on expensive social media marketing campaigns, which is risky – especially if you’re just starting out and aren’t sure of who to market to or how to do so.

Dedicated account managers can help you to identify the best ways to expand your online business and help you identify the best auctions to participate in, building your knowledge of your audience.  

Whether you’re just starting out with your retail business, are an independent company wanting to expand your reach, or are an individual wishing to sell your own, personal items or collections, we can help you to make those all-important first steps. We can get you in front of your target audience, expand your contacts via our auctions and manage the marketing.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Seller Hub today and find out how we can help you!