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A guide to using online auctions to generate extra cash for Christmas.
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How to make extra cash for Christmas

Jess Gibson
Jess Gibson

Once again, the festive period is edging onto the horizon. Soon, the air will be filled with the familiar sounds of cheesy Christmas tunes, gift lists will be getting long and cosy nights curled up on the settee will beckon.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things about Christmas (aside from the mountains of food and twinkly lights) is browsing online and at Christmas markets to find the most perfect presents for my loved ones and then watching their eyes light up when they open them up. Their realisation that you have, in fact, been listening closely to them and know them well enough to choose something they’d love, especially if children are on the scene. It’s inevitable that you’ll want to spoil them rotten; to hear them squeal with excitement as they peel the paper off that ‘must-have’ toy.  

But sometimes, our Christmas wishes far exceed our means, and it can be really difficult to afford the lavish sort of day you’ve dreamt of all year – particularly after the couple of stinkers we’ve had to endure. We could all do with a little pick-me-up, right?

Unsurprisingly, though, it seems as though all your outgoings – including unexpected ones, like the boiler going kaput – pile up to coincide for the one time of year that you could really do with some financial stability. So, when you’ve set up some pretty lofty expectations for the Christmas period but haven’t quite got the financial means to realise them just yet, what can you do to help get yourself on the way?     

Clear out to clean up

Everyone has a soft spot for their old possessions, choosing to keep things far longer than they’re needed or wanted, purely due to sentimentality or the memories they have associated with them. But having a good old clear out isn’t just good for your mental health – it can also be good for your finances, too.

We’ve all watched shows like Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt and know just how much you can get by selling some of the bits and pieces you can no longer find a home for. Sure, you could traipse your piles of belongings to a car boot sale or similar, but who wants to get up at 6am to stand in the freezing cold all morning and only make pocket change at the end of it?

As has become the norm in recent years, one of the best ways of selling is via the internet. And, if you’re looking to make money, rather than shell out for delivery costs or registration fees, you should have a look into selling through online auctions.

With William George, you can sell items for free in collective auctions, have no registration or sign-up fees to contend with, and receive 100% of the hammer price. Plus, you can set a delivery price for the pieces you sell that is paid for by the buyer. What’s not to love?!

Pallet potential

If you’re lacking some hidden gems of your own to sell but still want to get into the online selling game, there are other options available. Our regular pallet sales, offer the opportunity to buy and sell from the same platform, a manager assigned specifically to your account to oversee the process, and a wide variety of high-quality products to buy and sell.

Each week, we hold pallet auctions featuring products sourced from high-street giants including John Lewis. These pallets feature customer returns, overstock and equipment in need of repair, from well-known brands. There’s an overview of the contents, so you know what it is that you’re buying, you just won’t know what the condition is until you open your purchase.

You can buy these in bulk at a low price, pick out the most sellable items, fix up any with minor faults if you choose and then sell the goods individually to turn a pretty profit.

We see a lot of buyers return again and again to buy from these kind of auctions as they offer a great opportunity to generate a second income or become your own boss.

Christmas crafts

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a crafter? Perhaps you create handmade jewellery or artwork? Maybe you restore antique furniture or weave bespoke rugs? Well, if you’re in need of a bit of money to get you comfortably through the Christmas period, it might be time to start selling your pieces on a reliable, fuss-free platform.

You can list your items for free on one of our collective auctions by registering with us, we’ll look after the marketing, and you’ll earn yourself 100% of the profit. This could also help to earn you a potential client-base to aim your crafts at after the New Year, should you decide to continue!

As you can see, there are some really simple and interesting ways that you can utilise online auctions to fund the Christmas period you deserve.

Take a look at our live auctions and check out our Seller Hub to get started!