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How retailers can maximise profits from returned stock.
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How to maximise profits from retail returns


Returns are a natural part of the retail industry but managing them can be hugely challenging.

Some items can of course be resold but those that are tend to be a drop in the ocean and as a retailer, you end up with a vast array of new and unused pieces, faulty or broken and anything in between.

Dealing with these in-house isn’t feasible for most businesses and you don’t want to end up sending them to landfill. That isn’t beneficial for profits and certainly not for the environment.

So, what is the best option to profitably deal with this massive volume of stock?

You come to William George…

- Increase your profits

- Save time and effort

- Improve sustainability

We handle regular auctions of returned stock, for a wide range of retailers, from small businesses through to household names. You can check some of these out right here. These achieve an average of 25% of retail price at auction, with some even reaching an unprecedented 50% of the retail value.

Our experts in third party logistics will quickly and efficiently take your returned stock and can look after the entire storage, selling, admin, payment and shipping elements for you.

Our online platform is designed to accommodate the unique needs of each vendor, with a focus on security and ease of use.

As a long established marketplace, we have large numbers of eager and loyal bidders in these auctions. We make sure our audience know about what’s on offer and our customer care team field any queries.

As one of our clients, you would have access to comprehensive records and performance information so the process is transparent and fully auditable.

This means you’re turning a potential nightmare into a true positive: a sustainable additional revenue stream that frees you up to concentrate on your core business.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you solve your returns issues, get in touch.