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Tips on how online auctions can help save you money.
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How to save money with online auctions


In times of financial crisis and high cost of living, it's important to find ways to save money without missing out on things you need. One great way to do this is by utilizing our online auctions!

Here at William George, we offer a platform where buyers can find great deals on a huge variety of items, from second-hand goods to retail returns, surplus, liquidated stock and much, much more.

Below are just a few ways that shopping in our online auctions can help you save money:

Embrace second-hand

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to save money is to buy second-hand items. Whether we're talking a used but still working piece of furniture that you find in a returns, liquidation or surplus sale, or pre-loved fashion or garden equipment, you can find quality items that aren't box fresh at a fraction of the cost of buying new. As well as saving yourself a hefty investment you're making sustainable shopping choices and being kind to the planet as well as to your pocket. Win, win!

Buy pallets of retail returns

If you're new to the world of retail returns, you're in for a treat. These days the number of items returned to retailers are at an all time high and shows no sign of waning.

We hold regular auctions of this type, often with no reserves, and you'll always find a few live at any one time so you have plenty of choice in terms of products, commonly from desirable big brands. We sell both pallets of goods within a certain category, for example small domestic products or home furnishings and you'll see what items the pallets contain, just not always what condition they will be in. So, you could find pieces that have never even been opened, or you might be looking at things that need some TLC or can just be used for parts. Of course shopping this way provides an element of risk but it also provides a great opportunity to get your hands on some whopping bargains. Some of our returns auctions you'll notice are graded, so with these ones, you will know the condition, so you have more insight as to what you'll be getting but take a look around and see what grabs your attention.

Become a reseller

If you've opted to try out a returns pallet, you're probably not likely to want to keep everything on that pallet, so why not try your hand at reselling? We have many loyal customers who are advocates of buy a pallet, separate and sell on the individual pieces. So, as well as saving yourself money on buying items you're after, you also have the chance here to MAKE money too! It's a nice little side hustle that you can fit around your current commitments and dedicate as much or as little investment to as you choose.

Sell your unwanted items

This is something we could all be doing but time restrictions hold many of us back. Our lovely website makes the process of selling as quick and easy as possible for you though and did you know, it's free to sell with us? That's right, it doesn't cost a thing, so the profit you make on what you sell here is all yours. You can choose to hold a dedicated auction if you have enough to warrant a standalone sale, or you can take part in a collective auction if you have only a few things to list. Make some extra cash and free up space in your home at the same time!

So, whether you're buying second-hand items or becoming a reseller, we're here to help you save money and provide great deals. So why not get started today?! Check out our retail returns as the perfect starting point.