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A guide on how to update your bathroom for less by using online auctions.
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How to update your bathroom for less


Bathrooms are an essential part of any home. They are where we begin and end our days, and where we take time to relax and refresh, so a stylish bathroom is up there on most people’s household wish list.  

If you're looking to renovate your bathroom, or simply update it, online auctions can are a great resource to do so without splashing lots of cash. Read on to find out more.

Save a fortune!

One of the major advantages is that you can get your hands on high end and designer fixtures, fittings and accessories for way less than their original retail prices. Sometimes these may be returns but you will also find brand new items so you really have nothing to lose and all to gain by bidding for them rather than paying full whack. Take a look at our live auctions now and see what gems you could be bringing home.

Find unique and vintage items

When it comes to bathroom decor, vintage items can add character and personality to the space. You might find an antique mirror, vintage lighting fixtures, or even an old-fashioned clawfoot tub. These aren’t things you’re likely to just stumble on when browsing your local shopping centre and you don’t even have to leave your house to look for them!

Replace showers, sinks and taps

If you’re on a tight budget but want your bathroom to sizzle with style one option is to replace the basin. It’s a really simple way of making a big difference and stamping your personality on the room. And of all the plumbing jobs around the house, this is one of the easiest to manage yourself. There’s a vast variety to choose from including space-saving vanity cabinets to double washstands with drawers and shelving.

Do you avoid your current shower as it’s a trickler?! Getting a new one from auction can make the world of difference to your routine as well as being more aesthetically pleasing. Here you can really do that for less than you imagine.

If the budget is extra tight consider a fresh set of taps. Again, there’s a huge selection and it’s a simple way to bring your bathroom a little ‘newness’.

Get a new loo!

Or even just a seat. We’re talking low cost and big impact here as, let’s face it, not everyone enjoys soaking in the bath or standing under a hot shower for ages, but everyone uses a toilet! Replacing the entire thing can sometimes be necessary and there are some really smart options available now, but just getting a slow-closing seat can often be enough to give the room a fresh new feel.


Another top tip to give your bathroom a quick make-over without the involvement of any washers or O-rings. A simple new fitting can cast a whole new light without breaking the bank or your wrench. You might opt for a beautiful illuminated cabinet. These are nice to look at as well as atmospheric and functional. What’s not to love about that?!

Bring on the bath

Bathroom suites can be expensive, and you might have ruled out replacing everything but surely the item most of us would love to add is a statement piece free standing tub. These are generally pricey but you can find some gorgeous examples here at auction. In fact, the prices are so good you might be able to afford a plumber to do all the work for you too!

Dive into our bathroom auctions today and get ready to create your dream space on a shoestring.