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The iconic F2002 F1 car was consigned to auction! This championship-winning car will go under the hammer on the final weekend of the 2019 F1 season.
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Legendary F2002 F1 Car Consigned to Auction

Lewis Findley
Lewis Findley

Ferrari F2002 - The Most Dominant F1 Car Ever?

The F2002 is one of the most famous F1 cars of all time. This image from helps to capture its aura.

Ferrari didn't just win the 2002 championship, they produced a car with no equal. Ferocious yet elegant, it was potent version of its championship-winning predecessor, the F2001.

The F2001 was an impressive car. It was sold in 2017 for $7.5m at auction.

The following season Schumacher was firing on all cylinders again and almost outscored the runner up by 2:1! This level of dominance had not been seen since 1988 when the dynamic duo of Prost and Senna swept the floor and changed our notions of winning.

Ferrari F2002 consigned to auction

Image Via - Sotheby's

As well as stunning the F1 world, the auction world was next. The car was consigned to auction and sold for $7.5m!

The F2002 had a lot to live up to but the triple threat of Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne and Paolo Martinelli struck again in spectacular fashion.

The Story of the F2002

What made the F2002 so remarkable was the fact it won 14 out of 15 races. A staggering statistic, it helps to illustrate how ahead of the game Ferrari was but what made the car so formidable?

The F2002 was more revolution than evolution of the F2001. The Ferrari engineers overhauled their approach which involved technology not seen before. 

Ferrari F2002 F1 car auction

Image Via - Concept Carz

This concept change proved to be fruitful but this redesign meant that the real F2002 didn't appear until the 3rd round of the championship but the rest is well documented.

The Auction

The auction is shaping up to be something exciting. 

Along with the legendary F2002, a restored 1990 Ferrari F40 will be present. It's also signed by four-time world champion, and current Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel. 

The auction will take place on the first floor of the Formula 1 Paddock Club which overlooks the pit lane on Saturday 30th November - the day before the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari F2002 auction at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Image Via - Grand Prix Events

Final Words

The F2002 remains one of the most iconic F1 cars of all time.

It will also hold a special place in Schumacher's heart because it was the car that helped him equal to Juan Manuel Fangio's record of 5 world championships albeit with 6 races to spare!

This rich history in motorsport is a testament to Ferrari's endeavour to continue pushing the limits of performance.

With the auction scheduled towards the end of November, we can only speculate on the potential estimates. However, with a precedent set with the F2001, are we going to edge closer to that £10m mark?

Watch this space!

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