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How to make money using online auctions.
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Make money with online auctions


With the cost of living crisis causing more and more chaos every day, we have a few suggestions on how you can make some much needed extra cash using online auctions.

Hopefully you received everything on your wish list this Christmas, but you might have toys, gadgets and gizmos lying around that will possibly not even leave the box? Then why not sell them at auction?

You can sell new or preloved items with us, and reselling something and giving it a new home is healthier for the environment and for your wallet!

The secondary market is gaining in popularity, and this will only continue to grow. An increasing number of consumers will look for an item second hand rather than buying brand new at full price. Many items these days get used a handful of times before being discarded so there is a big market out there of bargain spotters and sustainable shoppers waiting to pounce on your goods!

During furlough times, did you try and start a new hobby? Did you get carried away with online shopping when you were stuck at home and spend money on things you told yourself you’d use? Splurged on DIY items that now serve no purpose as you don’t have time to use them?! Someone else will want them! The start of a new year is a great time to have a huge clear-out, freeing up space and making some money.

Are you back in the office now? If you invested in home office equipment when you were working from home that are no longer needed, there will be other people and organisations who will be looking for secondhand pieces for their ventures.

If you are a new business, don’t buy new! It’s expensive enough running a start-up so make the savings where you can and embrace the secondary market!

Unsure of how much to sell your items for? Do a little research. Google is your friend, and the chances are there are examples out there of how much what you’re selling has fetched previously. If you have something new, look out for it being on sale at a reduced rate from its RRP as you don’t want to set your price too highly. If you set a high opening bid or reserve, it can put people off so think carefully about where to pitch it. You might like to try offering no reserve as these kind of auctions are super popular and get a lot of interest.

You can sell for free with William George. Within an instant, you can have your items uploaded and ready to reach our keen audience of eager bidders.

You’ll receive 100% of the hammer price, we don’t charge listing fees and you’ll have our excellent customer service team on hand should you need any help.

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