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Making a bid for better health

Luke Davies
Luke Davies

Like entering a cave of wonders without the fear of the entrance shutting behind you, Auctions offer a world of possibility. You can find things you've always dreamed of along with things you'd never even imagined. Forgotten items become re-discovered treasures, given a new breath of life.

Today these topics are at the forefront of our minds, having recently heard about a lady called Suzie Aries


"Suzie Aries was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive ovarian cancer in 2017. Since then she has undergone six rounds of chemotherapy, three operations, radiotherapy and the trial of a new drug. However, cancer kept coming back until Suzie’s only option was immunotherapy. But the NHS didn’t fund immunotherapy for her type of rare cancer and so in order to carry on living, to continue to dance, run and sing her way through life, Suzie had to find the £250,000 herself."


Suzie's world of possibility shrunk and she now faces something she probably never imagined. Yet, showing incredible resolve, Suzie has begun her fundraising journey and we wanted to let people know. 


A group of Suzie’s former secondary school staff are trying to help raise money for her treatment via an online auction.

The auctions for the Christmas glass work ornaments end on 14th December 2019. The auctions for all other items run until 25th January 2020.

Help us breathe life into Suzie's campaign and show her the world is filled with possibility and generosity.


If you would like to know more about Suzie, head over to her facebook and Kickstarter pages.

A read of Suzie's Kickstarter page show's her incredible determination and passion for life, even with what is currently in front of her, she maintains a determined outlook. Back her bid for better health with some bids of your own and help Suzie reach her target.