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A safety checklist on how to stay safe when bidding and buying in online auctions.
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Online auction safety checklist

Vikki Wilkinson
Vikki Wilkinson

We want people to feel confident that when buying online at auction you can rest assured everything will be as smooth and as safe as possible. Before you make any commitments, this checklist is a useful tool to use…

  • Firstly, read the terms and conditions. Our team have carefully put together all the information you’ll need before making your purchase. From FAQs, to VAT and warranties to data protection and general conditions - it’s a hefty document and contains a huge amount of helpful info. 
  • As well as this, we’d encourage you to review the payment terms. You are entering a commitment when you make a bid and therefore it is vital to make sure you are clear on these. You cannot retract the bid once it has been placed. 
  • Get a clear understanding of the various fees. VAT is always payable on the buyer’s premium – check individual lots to find out if VAT is applicable on the hammer (for example if the item is sold by a business).
  • Be aware of shipping and delivery costs (these will vary depending on the item and will be specified under the ‘delivery’ or ‘important information’ tab). 
  • If you’re paying by card, remember that a credit card offers greater protection than with other methods in terms of fraud, guarantees and non-delivery.
  • Double check all details of your purchase before confirming payment (especially for items over £1,000 where a bank transfer is required). 
  • If you think that your auction or online payment account has been compromised, take action immediately. Contact a member of the team here and we will look into it straight away. 
  • When creating your account make sure you protect your identity when creating your profile. Only give the minimum amount of personal information required (such as dispatch address for delivery). 
  • Choose a password carefully and make sure it is at least 10 characters long, including a mixture of upper and lowercase letters along with symbols and numbers. Avoid using any personal information in your password (eg. age / birthday). 
  • Make sure to check your spam / junk folder for any emails relating to the sale. 

There’s a lot to think about when buying online at auction and If you have any questions, we have a brilliant team you can speak to using our live chat function. They are always more than happy to help!

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