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A list of reasons why selling in online auctions is the best route to market for buyers of whatever size from large retailers to individuals.
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Our top reasons why online auctions are the best place to sell


Last week we shared with you our top reasons for buying from online auctions, so it only seems right that we also let you know why they are also the best place to sell:

It’s FREE!

That’s right. Unlike other online auction sites it doesn’t cost you a penny to sell with us. Whether you’re after a standalone auction or you only have a few pieces and want to join a Collective, we don’t charge anything. That’s no listing fees, zero commission, nothing. Whatever the hammer is, it goes to you. If you’re a naturally suspicious type and are wondering how we make our money, it’s from the Buyer’s Premium which is clearly displayed with each lot. We’re not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

You’re saving as well as making money

By selling on our marketplace, you’re able to reduce overheads. You don’t need to invest in infrastructure with extra staff, or shell out money on creating a transactional website of your own, or pay for marketing activity etc. If you compared reaching your audience through your own efforts compared with utilising our website, you’d be amazed by how much you’d be saving. Basically, you have the opportunity here to convert your assets into cash without needing investment. What is not to love about that?!

Exposure to a huge audience

After 10 years in operation and the boom in online shopping over the past couple of years, we’ve built up quite a following and our new website is attracting a host of new visitors. So, your goods will be seen by a lot of keen eyeballs just ready to bid on what you’re selling. We are well known for our bi-weekly auctions of retail returns sourced from a major UK retailer and we have many buyers regularly logging on to check those out, so you’ll be able to grab their attention as they’re browsing what’s on. Competition within popular categories drives up bidding prices and increases your profit, so the more people interested in them the better. Of course, we don’t just sit back and wait for organic visits though, which leads us nicely to our next point!

Marketing sorted for you

We promote your auctions so you don’t need to worry about putting together a plan yourself. We e-mail our eager database about each sale so they won’t miss it, and our marketing experts have many other resources at their fingertips and can tailor a targeted plan whatever category you happen to be selling in if you’d like to take out a marketing package. We promote with partner and on other industry websites and with social campaigns, to name just a couple of elements we offer.

Join a Collective

It’s not a cult, promise, but an auction consisting of goods from multiple sellers. Don’t be put off if you don’t have a large enough volume of items to justify holding a solo auction, we can arrange to add your goods to one of our Collectives and they will appear with a host of other pieces and will be sure to be viewed by many interested potential bidders.

We don’t limit your photos

With an online auction, as bidders aren’t usually able to see what they’re bidding on in the flesh, we are keen for you to be able to show your goods off as much as possible. You’ll find with some other online auctions out there that they will only allow you to upload a small number of images and charge you if you want to add more. Well, not with William George. We really want you to add as many pics as you can. Showcase your items from every conceivable angle so that your audience can truly see what they’re paying for.

We’ll handle any queries

Our friendly team will deal with any questions that potential bidders may have about your items rather than these being directed at you. In many cases we will be able to help them without involving you and will only contact you should it be completely necessary. We want your experience to be as easy as it can and one of the benefits of selling with us means that we do have actual humans on hand should they be needed, not just endless bots.

So, whether you’re a large retailer, a sole trader or simply someone wanting to make some extra money in these challenging times, our website offers the ideal solution for you.

Take a look at our seller’s area and get ready to go!