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A list of reasons why bidding and buying from online auctions is the best way to shop.
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Our top reasons why online auctions are the best place to shop


There has been an enormous rise in internet shopping in recent years, with everyone doing their bit and staying at home during the pandemic, internet-based business enjoyed a surge in demand.

But with life (more or less!) back to normal these days, is shopping online still the best option? And, more specifically, are online auctions the best place to spend our hard-earned pennies? Well yes, and here, in no particular order, are our top reasons why we love them:


With auctions featuring the likes of retail returns and surplus stock, there are some incredible savings to be made. Many retailers are having to tackle the ever-growing problem of customer returns and we provide the solution with multiple weekly auctions of their returned stock. It’s a fantastic place to start in your hunt for a bargain, and with our auctions we’re selling a wide selection of products including many from big brands.

You should also look out for the no-reserve items if you’re after serious bargains. A reserve is put in place to guarantee the seller a minimum price for their lot – but if they really want to shift something, then they won’t put a reserve on it. That means it sells at whatever the top bid happens to be so you could be in luck and win an item at an extremely low price.


Once you’ve made the fine choice of shopping in an online auction, make sure you’ve picked one that’s a member of National Auctioneer Association (NAA), like us of course. Being a member means you know that we vet all our sellers according to our high standards and many of these vendors have been selling regularly for a long time. We’ve been in business for ten years now and our customers’ satisfaction is paramount. We stay on the lookout not only for fake items or ones that don’t match our values, but for high levels of customer service, always.

Your money is safe

Once you’ve won and paid for an item, we don’t automatically release the funds. We hold on to your money until you have received your goods and are satisfied that what you’ve received is what you purchased. In the unlikely event that what is delivered to you doesn’t match the description, we can ensure you haven’t lost anything.  

Huge variety of goods

You can pretty much find anything and everything, including the kitchen sink, in our auctions. Whether you’re after a branded gadget for your home at a knock-down price, a vintage Rolex, a special piece of jewellery or stock for your trade, you’ll be able to source them here. Where else can you find regular auctions selling stock sourced from some large UK retailers, alongside estate clearances, company liquidations, art, collectables, plant and machinery…to name just a few of our categories?! Whether you’re after a branded bargain or a valuable, unique item, you’ll find it under our roof.

You don’t have to leave home

We all realise the joys of internet shopping and being able to access what you need wherever you happen to be. Well, if you’re a lover of traditional auctions for example, you’ll know that you can devote many a weekend to travelling around the country trying to seek out something special to add to your collection. You can have all of that time back if you browse through our auctions and if you sign up to our mailing list, we’ll keep you up to date on what is on, so you don’t even have to seek out the information. We do it for you!

A sustainable choice

If you’re keen to make more ethical shopping choices that are kinder to the planet, then buying from online auctions is perfect from you. Embracing second-hand is consistently growing in popularity as we all become more aware of the urgency in changing our habits to ensure our future. Giving a home to an item that could otherwise end up heading towards landfill also reduces the need for overproduction of new products.

You can’t get sniped!

All our auctions are timed. You’ll see the end date and time clearly displayed so you’ll know when it’s coming to an end. Unlike some other large online auction sites we could mention, we don’t allow ‘sniping’, ie, a last minute bid snatching a win away from you. If a bid is placed on a lot that has less than ten minutes remaining on the clock, it will reset to ten minutes to give you the opportunity to increase your bid if you wish. We believe this makes things much fairer for our bidders.

It’s exciting!

There’s definitely a thrill in buying from auctions - you’ve got the excitement of placing the bid, watching the clock tick down and the joy of winning that much coveted item. If you get chance, try and keep an eye on the final hours of an auction as that’s when a lot of the action takes place. It’s a fun and exhilarating way to shop that certainly can’t be topped by a trip to your local high street!

Have we said enough to convince you to give it a go? Of course we have! Head over to our live auctions now to see what you can bid on today!