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How to refresh your home without a big budget by shopping at online auctions.
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Refresh your home without a big budget


Online auctions have revolutionised the way we shop for home décor and furnishings. Not only can you find stylish pieces that may no longer be available in stores, but you don't have to part with a lot of cash for them either.

If you’re looking at our auctions of returns, surplus or liquidated stock you’re likely to save a fortune on RRPs and for something rare and unique, our antiques and art auctions feature many special gems to help make your house a truly stylish place to live.

Here we've highlighted some of the best auctions to look our for if you're shopping for your home:

Retail returns

Retail returns auctions are an excellent source for buying items that were returned to a store by customers. You can find a huge variety of items in these auctions, including electronics appliances and home and garden furniture. Generally with these type of auctions you’ll know exactly what the items are that you’re bidding for, you just won’t know what condition they will be in until you receive them. You could find brand new goods or pieces that are in needs of some TLC. So, there’s an element of risk but that provides the opportunity to get your hands on some amazing brands at low, low prices! Some of our retail returns auctions are graded, which means you will know what kind of condition the goods will be in. Every auction clearly displays whether you are looking at raw or graded returns so you’ll know what you’re bidding for. There type of auctions really do give you the opportunity to own some covetable brands that may otherwise stay solely on your wishlist.

Surplus and liquidations

You’ll discover brand new and used and individual items and bulk buys here. You can find items such as kitchenware, household appliances, furniture and much, much more. Some of the products may no longer be in production and have had to move out to make room for new stock. Look our for beautiful luxury bathroom items and furniture. This is a great opportunity to find perfectly fine goods for your home without splashing out on brand new. It’s just a different way of shopping...and a more fun option in our view!

Art and antiques

Want to really add some character and personality to your home? Then look no further than our arts and antiques auctions. You can browse through a vast wealth of items including original paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures, vintage furniture and a lot more. You may be a fan of poking around in antique centres and galleries in your spare time and as enjoyable as that is, you’ll be able to see many more items by looking online than you can fit in to your average weekend! We hold many of these type of auctions so you’re spoilt for choice and you’re sure to find pieces to suit your own style and for all budgets.

In conclusion, buying items from different categories of online auctions can help you refresh your home without committing too much money. Whether you are looking for furniture, appliances, bathroom fixtures, art and antiques or other goods, online auctions really do have something for everyone.

Take a look around at what you could be brightening your home up with right now!