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Revamping your garden on a budget

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

With the introduction of lockdowns over the past couple of years, people turned to their gardens for solace. With more time at home than before and with little else to do, many people got out a trowel for the first time and discovered a love for gardening. And it turns out we Brits love it, with recent statistics from the ONS and industry bodies indicating that that passion for horticulture hasn’t gone away since the lifting of Covid restrictions.

But if you’re not careful it can be an expensive hobby. So here are our top tips on revamping your outdoor space without breaking the bank. And with big name retailers selling off gardening stock in weekly auctions and the sun shining, now is the perfect time to buy something new for your outdoor space, no matter how big it is.


If you’ve already got a nice space and you just want to add a bit more pizzaz or to extend the amount of time you can spend in your garden, invest in a little lighting. It doesn’t need to be much, and in fact recent research suggests too much can confuse the wildlife, but a few low-level solar lamps or something quirky strung from trees, bushes or along a fence line will really lift the feel of your green space. Warmer, softer lighting can make your space feel cozy and homely while brighter, cooler tones can give the impression of sunlight, extending the natural day into the evening. Lighting is the perfect way to bring the indoors out, create an outdoor room and really extend your home for relatively little cost.


Again, another fantastic way to transform your outdoor space into another room for your home. As the days grow longer and warmer, get yourself a table and chairs for some al fresco dining. Eating outside not your thing? Grab a couple of sun loungers or egg chairs from one of our auctions and enjoy the sunset over your lawn while sipping a negroni. We regularly have furniture at a snip of their RRPs to suit all tastes, so it’s the perfect time to find something whatever your style, from a simple picnic table to a nine-seat outdoor rattan dining set.


Whatever the size of your garden, you will need a set of tools and equipment to keep your outdoor space looking inviting. Got a lawn?You need a mower. Hedging looking a bit overgrown? Get a strimmer. These can set you back a pretty penny on the high street but we have plenty of auctions offering huge savings on well-known brands.. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get good quality equipment that will last – see it as an investment.


Now we’re moving into the bigger projects but imagine the lift your outdoor space will get from a fresh bit of decking or a patio? It doesn’t have to be a big space to benefit from some outdoor flooring but it will give you a huge return as you sit outside enjoying the afternoon sun. Lookout for our auctions featuring decking and wooden flooring.


You can find some big discounts on garden sheds and other storage in our auctions. Putting in some storage is a quick and easy way to tidy up the garden, especially if you’ve got tools lying around. Get a seat that doubles up as a box.


What is a garden without some greenery? If your garden is dominated by hard landscaping then pop in a few pots and bring it to life. Geta range of different sizes to provide added interest and consider a planter with attached trellis to add height to your garden. You can grow almost anything in pots; spring flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils; fruiting apple or pear trees; gorgeous climbing clematis; or your own vegetables like potatoes. The limit is your imagination. And the advantage with pots and planters is you can move them. Changed your mind about which side of the patio you want that geranium? Shuffle it over. Moving house? Pop them in the van. Ifyou’re growing more tender plants, species that wouldn’t survive a British winter, have them outside during the warmer months then bring them in to protect from frost.

Grow from seed

If you’ve never grown plants from seed, you must try it right now. Buy yourself a cheap packet of sweet pea seeds and sprinkle them into some compost. Keep warm and watered and watch the magic of life spring forth from the dirt – I promise you’ll be hooked from the start. You can grow almost anything from seeds and it’s much cheaper than buying a fully grown plant. And it gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction.

See what you could be bidding on right now to improve your outdoor space!