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A description of why online auctions offer the best route to market for selling liquidated stock.
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The best place to sell liquidated stock

Jess Gibson
Jess Gibson

Unless they’re trying to prove how flush with cash they are, most people love getting a bit of a bargain. This little bit of knowledge is exactly why sales and offers such as ‘buy one get one free/half price’ are so popular – because retailers know that advertising these sorts of things will drive up consumer interest. But not only do they help increase the volume of sales, but they also frequently encourage the buyer to spend more than they had planned.

In short, they set off a little alarm in the human mind that persuades us to throw caution to the wind, to be a bit reckless with our spending – after all, we’re the ones winning in the end, right?

And whilst no one really wants to see another person’s business or livelihood in tatters, many traders are aware of the financial benefits that come from sourcing and selling on liquidated stock. In fact, if they’re on the ball enough, there’s enough money that can be made from specifically choosing to trade such stock to fund what would amount to a full-time wage, whilst ensuring that whoever it is whose business has gone under receives a decent amount from the selling of their liquidated stock.

These days, online auctions are one of the most popular and trustworthy platforms on which to resell liquidated stock. This is due to the stringent practices put in place to ensure everything is above board, including verifying seller identities, proper and effective management of listings, and the marketing of auctions to specific customers and clients.

Using the wrong platform to sell such stock can lead to high volumes of returns or complaints from unverified customers who have simply changed their mind or are perhaps fraudulently seeking some form of recompense. When factoring in delivery costs for returns, this can be a pretty costly process – especially when selling this sort of stock is the main source of income.

However, when it comes to selling liquidated stock via a reputable online auction house, there are guarantees in place that prevent consumers from being able to change their mind afterwards – both sellers and buyers are subject to a contract to ensure honesty and transparency of the highest degree.

Online auction houses also have the resources available to market specific types of auctions featuring liquidated stock. For example, if a seller has sourced stock from a bankrupt business dedicated to selling bathroom suites and accessories, then they can resell that stock via an auction featuring just these items. Not only does that make it easier for seller to monitor the progress of their auctioned stock, but it also makes it much simpler for potential buyers to locate these items, which would make successfully selling the stock much more likely.

Another bonus of selling liquidated stock via an online auction house? There’s no marketing for the seller has to complete themselves, as the auction can do this for you through social media, focused emails and more.

William George goes one step further than competitors, making sure that selling liquidated stock via our platform is always worth the vendor’s while: if sellers choose to place their stock in a collective auction, any money earned is entirely their own – there’s no auction fee and yet you still receive the same high standard of service, regardless!

So, if you’ve turned your hand to cashing in on liquidated stock, why not check out our Seller Hub and see how we can help you turn a pretty profit?