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Find out why William George's online auctions are the perfect route to market for traders.
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The perfect route to market for traders


Sourcing and selling on liquidated, surplus or returned stock is a great way to turn a profit with low start-up costs and big financial benefits. In the current economic climate, there’s no shortage of people looking to make money and online auctions are the perfect environment to give everyone this opportunity, whether you’re looking for an additional income or buying and selling is your bread and butter.

If you’ve got stock to sell on and need a stress-free solution that will turn it into cash in the bank quickly then you’re in the right place.…

A win win for buyers and sellers

As a buyer it has become easier to get your hands on liquidated stock in recent times and has become extremely popular, with many repeat buyers having pallets dropped on their driveways every week! Selecting this stock can give great margins on re-sale, so it’s no wonder it has taken off for those who are prepared to sort through stock and then sell on each piece individually.

For a seller, in an auction environment this translates into higher prices due to the amount of demand and competition to secure this kind of stock. No one likes being outbid, especially when they have done the mental maths on what’s in it for them if they can win the lot/s they’re after.

What can we do for you?

We’re a well established business in our tenth year with glowing reviews from sellers and buyers alike, you can check out our Trustpilot page here.

You’ll benefit from our stringent practices which serve to safeguard both bidders and sellers, as well as the protection of our terms and conditions. This ensures the process is above board both during and after the auction.

We’ll handle the management of the auction, including dealing with customer enquiries on your behalf so that you can relax and watch the bids come in.
We understand the importance of choosing the best route to market. This will make all the difference, as when you get this right you maximise your return, as well as addressing other priorities you may have such as timescales to move stock on.

Whatever your needs are, at William George we can provide the solution. We’ve got a captive audience of bidders who seek out liquidated stock specifically, so once your stock is online there will be no shortage of people checking out the catalogue. Our online auctions are typically live for 2 weeks, so bids can be placed at any point during this time, although most bids come in during the last couple of days. This means that there’s plenty of time for the perfect bidders to spot your stock.

We’re able to present your stock in the best way to attract the right audience and can even take this to the next level with focused campaigns, emails and more. Targeted auction catalogues in the right category makes your stock easy to find for bidders, and straight forward for you to review.

You have the flexibility to sell in bulk, whether that means pallets, or entire storage containers as one lot. This will help manage how quickly you move your stock on, so if you need space quickly then you can free it up by securing just a handful of sales.

You’ll be able to use a pricing structure that suits you, so if you have a bottom line that needs to be met you can have a reserve price to ensure your stock doesn’t go for anything less than that. No reserve auctions also have their benefits, and we’ll be able to go through the pros and cons of both with you before you decide.

So, how do you get started?

Whether you’ve got heaps of stock to shift or just a few pallets, we have the solution for you and can chat about your goals to give you our bespoke advice.

If you’ve got stock to sell, then why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help?

You can reach us on our live chat at during opening hours, or drop us an email at so that we can guide you through the next steps to get your stock live online.

You can also visit our Seller’s Area which contains loads of useful information and register your details on our short form.