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A checklist for buyers and sellers of online auctions to ensure a smooth post auction experience.
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The post-sale checklist: what to prepare to ensure a smooth after auction experience

Vikki Wilkinson
Vikki Wilkinson

What with the trials and tribulations of the last year, we’re all craving some simplicity and normality again. Here at William George, we care about our customers and your experiences and want to help out the best we can.

Part of our service is to make all elements of buying and selling online as easy and straight forward as possible. Here’s a quick and easy post-sale checklist to help both buyers and sellers to have the smoothest experience possible:


  • Make sure you are happy with your highest bid. Budget is key!
  • Ensure you have done your research, avoiding any unwanted surprises.
  • Check delivery details: towards the bottom of the lot, you’ll see whether the item is available for collection only, delivery only, or both.
  • Check the invoice and that any additional fees are correct.
  • Ensure you are aware of postage costs and the timeframe, so you are fully informed before making a bid.
  • If delivery isn’t an option, and you are unable to collect, make sure you have looked into your own courier or ‘man with a van’ service to collect on your behalf. Get a quote before bidding, as heavy or bulky items can incur high costs to deliver.
  • Use our Live Chat function if you can’t see some details you’re after or send an enquiry and we'll be happy to provide any missing information you may need.


  • Take a look at our Seller’s Bible for extra tips on how to be an effective seller – this really is a great starting point and will stand you in great stead.
  • Make sure you’re happy with your reserve.
  • Spend time on your images and description so that the buyer can be fully aware of what to expect when committing to your item.
  • Take time for your customer - be prepared to respond to any questions they may have.
  • Customer after care is so important. Particularly so if you want to become a regular seller as buyers will return to you if you do this well.
  • Include details of postage costs, service levels and time frame so the buyer can be fully informed before they bid.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective buyer and make sure all angles have been covered.
  • Once a lot has been won, you may need to wait for the auction to finish before you are informed of the post-auction process (these can last for a month or more).
  • Check the invoice and that any additional fees are correct.
  • If you are missing any information or need any help with your listing, contact our team.

We hope this is helpful. Feel free to get in touch below or via our Live Chat if you have any questions and check out our auctions happening now!