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Finding bargains using online auction websites.
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Top tips for bargain hunting


As the big day gets closer and Santa’s almost ready to get the reindeer out for their big annual expedition, are you someone who finished their Christmas shopping in October, do you wait to do it all on Christmas Eve, or like most of us, are you somewhere in between?!

Regardless of whether you’re still shopping for gifts, or you feel like treating yourself, online auctions present (pun intended) the best opportunity to bag a bargain - and you can do it all without having to brave a crowded high street.  

Browse live auctions

We always have a wide range of auctions live at any one time containing a huge variety of different categories of goods, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit pretty much anyone. For example, right now you’ll see there’s homeware, art, luxury jewellery, toys, gadgets and tech. And that’s just fraction of what we’ve got going on. Have a look around and see what grabs your attention.

Do your research

Take your time looking for something you’d like, and then check out some reviews to compare different products. Is it worth splashing out on a high-end brand? It often is – after all, those companies gained their reputation for a reason. But there are plenty of examples where unbranded or cheaper versions are actually just as good. There are lots of review websites out there that can help you make this decision. Don’t discount something without looking into it.

Then have a look around to see what sort of price you might expect to pay. Generally it’ll be cheaper in an auction – and you can set your own limit. Bid what you think it might be worth and you might just grab a bargain. The more you know, the more informed your decision will be and you can decide your own budget.

Take a punt

You’ll have noticed that there are multiple auctions featuring customer returns and you’ll see ‘no reserve’ pop up fairly often.

Now both of these really offer the chance for you to get your hands on some potentially big brands at bargain prices.

Buying returned stock is perhaps something you haven’t considered before but the second hand market is hugely growing in popularity with good reason. Buying this way is good for both your pocket, and for the environment too.

Many of these auctions include products that have been returned to a shop and then sold on without anyone checking if there’s a problem. They could have been returned for any number of reasons: someone bought the wrong item, the incorrect item was delivered, it had damaged packaging, or many more. And you won’t know until it arrives. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and buy a product that’s unbelievably cheap and there’s nothing wrong with it.

You can also find lots of returned stock that has been checked and isn’t quite shop perfect. Maybe the box is a little damaged or perhaps there’s a grubby mark on the side - but it still works just fine. Look out for graded returns and read the descriptions to find what you’re looking for.

Even if you find there are items that need some TLC, fixing them up yourself if you have the skills, or seeking the help of an expert can often still leave you with a very cheap purchase of something you possibly only dreamed of having in your home. Sage coffee machine anyone?!

Factor in the charges

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our pricing and make charges as clear as possible within each auction listing. You’ll clearly see Buyer’s Premium (or BP), VAT and there will be shipping information too. There is often the option to collect your purchase rather than having it delivered so that might not even apply depending on what you’re buying.

You’ll find there’s something for everyone here at William George – just take your time, explore the site, spot something you love and place your bid! Happy shopping.