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Top tips on selling in online auctions from William George Online Auctions.
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Top tips for becoming a top seller


Selling in online auctions is a pretty simple process but there are things you can do to really nail your approach, build a solid reputation and make a true success of it.

Follow our top tips below and you’ll be geared up to sell like a pro!…

Copy is king

It’s vital you describe each item in as much detail as you can. If it isn’t brand new and has flaws, be honest about them. Your potential customers need to know exactly what they are going to bidding for as they can’t (usually) get to see what they’re buying before they commit themselves.

If spelling and grammar isn’t your strong point, ask someone to proof what you’ve written or use one of the numerous online tools such as Grammarly, as errors of this kind look unprofessional and can put buyers off.

Don’t limit images

Unlike many other auction sites, we don’t put a limit on how many images you can upload with your lots, so really go to town here. Showcase your goods from every conceivable angle and if there are flaws, be sure to display these as well as you can. Clear photographs taken against a plain background work best.

Think about pricing

Getting your pricing strategy right is crucial. Competitive prices will attract more bidders and the more bidders you have, the higher selling price. Do your research before listing. What have similar pieces reached? Could the items be more popular at certain times of year? Opting for a ‘no reserve’ approach always proves popular so it might be something you wish to consider but of course this depends on what you’re listing. If you’re selling a luxury or antique piece, you could get it appraised by a specialist before you decide on a reserve price.

Customer service

If you write a detailed description you shouldn’t end up having lots of queries to answer and we will handle as many questions as we can but if we do have to pass bidder queries your way, be sure to answer them as quickly as possible. You want to build relationships with every customer as they may want to buy from you again in the future and if they have a good experience, they are more likely to do so.


Be as flexible as possible to what your vendor wants here. It may be possible for them to collect the item and if so, it’ll save you time and them money so make it happen if feasible. If it needs delivering, decide between yourself and the buyer on a time that suits them and at the best price possible.


It’s free to list with us and we don’t charge seller commission but if you choose to allocate a small budget towards marketing, it’s definitely worth doing so. Our packages start from just £250 and for that our team will tailor a plan that gets your goods in front of the right audience, so you’ll get exposure in front of a huge number of eager eyes.

What are you waiting for? Get selling today!