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An insider's guide on the top tips for becoming an expert at buying at online auctions
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Top tips for buying at online auctions: part 1

Jacob Margiotta
Jacob Margiotta

Welcome to the exciting world of online auctions!

If you’re not yet familiar with your surroundings it can feel a bit like a Labyrinth – but don’t worry, David Bowie isn’t going to pop out of the screen and surprise you in a leotard.

No – whatever you find – it’s not as daunting as that – and we can help you steer well clear of any other frightening experiences too. There are some genuinely incredible finds to be made, bargains to be had, luxury to uncover and even money to be made if you have your wits about you.

Follow our top tips for buying in auction to stay ahead of the game…

Familiarise yourself with our website

However you’ve found your way to us, you’ve landed in the best place. As the UK’s leading online auction house, you’re able to browse through a wide selection of auction categories and here is the only location you will find every one of our sales; past, present and future.

Coupled with our guides, and our live chat for any burning questions, this is your one stop shop for all things auction. You can browse by category, by date, or for any individual item via our search bar. You have access to our team of experts who are on standby to help via live chat which is available across our site.

It’s worth having a poke around and getting used to our site and its layout so you know what you’re doing when the big moment comes, and your dream lot is up for bidding. Preparation is key so read on to do your homework and get your elbows in front of your rival bidders!

Establish the facts ahead of time

Our auctions run for a minimum of two weeks and wherever possible a lot longer. This means the entire catalogue is online and visible and available for bidding long before the closing date.

Don’t go rushing in like a bull in a china shop, you’ve got time on your side. Put the kettle on, relax and let’s work out how to get some more information together.

(Don’t) shoot first, ask questions later!

Finding the lots that interest you in advance of the auction closing gives you the best opportunity to make any relevant enquiries. We always try to provide the best information we have and we encourage our sellers to lay this out clearly for you but there may be occasions when you require some additional information.

You can submit an enquiry about a lot by clicking on the ‘Ask a question’ button which appears just below the orange ‘Place a bid’ button against each lot.

We will then liaise with the seller and endeavour to get these details to you as soon as we possibly can. For late notice questions (office hours only), using our live chat function is the best method.

The key here is asking before you bid and not afterwards. By bidding you accept the facts as they are presented to you, so if you ask a question and you get an answer you didn’t like after you’ve placed a bid then you won’t be able to retract it. Of course, if you are unsure, then please don’t bid. Ask us, and we will help you make an informed decision.

Of course, we want you to bid, but we want you to be happy when your new purchase arrives too. No nasty surprises. We know if you’re delighted with what you’ve bought then you’ll return and get to know us even better!

Ready to browse? check out our auctions and see what we can tempt you with today.