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How you can make make money by selling in online auctions with William George.
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Top tips for generating an extra income


At the moment many of us are feeling the pinch of rising outgoings, so what can you do to get some extra cash in the bank?

Selling through William George is simple and speedy, and if you get your hands on the right stock you’ll soon see those bids rolling in and adding up to a nice pay packet.

So why not think about what you could list with us today?

Invest in pallets

Check out our weekly pallet auctions to get your hands on customer returns of small domestic appliances, fashion, toys and furniture which you can then go through and sell as individual items. Each lot will have a list of the contents, so you know what you’re buying but you won’t know what condition the items are in as they are raw/ungraded.

This means you can bag them at rock bottom prices and pick out the most desirable items for resale.

You might also want to try fixing up any minor faults to maximise your return on items that might need a little TLC!

We get bidders coming back week in, week out as a successful side hustle to get some extra income.

Clear out

Have you already got some gems sitting at home that you’re ready to part with? Whether it’s antiques, art, ceramics, there’s bidders out there prepared to give you cash for pieces you no longer want or need. Sometimes you can get a lot more than you expect, so if you’re not sure how much your items are worth then it’s worth doing some research before you upload them so you can decide how you’d like to list them.


Do you make something like handmade jewellery, rugs, home decorations, even your own artwork? Why not share it with the world and get it in an online auction on a straightforward platform? We can take care of everything once you’ve listed your items, promoting your pieces with marketing which could also help get your name out there and get some regular buyers coming your way if you want to make it a regular thing.

Why use William George?

Register with us and you can list items for free! 

With our 0% sellers commission, you’ll get 100% of the hammer too. This will help turn your stock into the maximum amount of dosh. You can even set a delivery price for your lots, meaning this will be paid for by the buyer.

What are you waiting for?!

Find out more about retail returns, take a look at our live auctions and head over to our seller’s area to get started!