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How to sell clothing in online auctions.
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Top tips for selling clothing in online auctions


We’re all guilty of having a wardrobe full of clothes that we’re hanging onto ‘just in case’ we end up getting them out next year, or worse still we’ve already run out of space in our wardrobe and have resorted to the attic or garage to store our unloved wares. If you’ve finally decided you want to turn these pieces into cash and free up some space then you’re definitely in the right place. Perhaps you’re a trader who has surplus or liquidated clothing stock and want to sell it in volume. Whatever your needs, we can help you get a return for your clothing and cater to your requirements to get the best possible results.  

Listing in online auctions is a great way to put your stuff in front of a captive audience that are ready and waiting to bid. These include resellers who are after huge volumes of stock and individuals who are just looking for some extra items for their winter wardrobe.  

So if you want to explore what your options are when it comes to listing and what’s likely to get you the best results, read on! 


Selling clothing in bundles can help you clear stock more quickly to free up that much needed space! Putting a package together of the same or similar types of items can make them more appealing to resellers and individuals alike. 

Individual pieces

Selling pieces individually is another option if you have branded/designer pieces that will appeal to a specific audience looking for something special. 

Detailed descriptions 

Include measurements / sizes in your descriptions. Give the bidder all the info they need to decide whether or not to place a bid including the size and any key measurements. It’s also really important to include whether or not the item is brand new with tags, new, or used and any extra details on the condition. 

If you know an approximate RRP of each of your lots whether they are bundles or individual items then be sure to  include this in your listing! It will take the guesswork out of what these items are worth and instead the bidder will be calculating how much they are saving rather than umming and ahhing about what they are spending! 

Photos, photos, photos! 

Back to that old adage, a picture speaks a thousand words. Showing off your clothes using the best lighting and a clear plain background will work wonders to get the bids rolling in. It will also avoid any unnecessary questions if the bidder can see the item from different angles and in detail. 

Private vs collective auction

If you have a lot of lots to sell then you may want to have a private auction, which means the catalogue will be made up of your lots alone. A collective auction is a mixture of your lots with other items from a collection of sellers and can work well if you have a small number of lots. 

You can chat with us about what volume you have and what your priorities are to get our take on the best way to list if you’re unsure. 

Reserve vs no reserve

No reserve auctions tend to generate a lot of interest and encourage counter bidding. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to push the price up overall. However, if you have designer or high value pieces you may feel more comfortable setting a reserve which should be the minimum amount you’re willing to accept. One thing that’s worth considering is that ideally all lots should be in the same format rather than a mix or some reserves and some without to avoid confusing bidders.  

Additional marketing 

We can offer additional marketing support to get your auction promoted in front of your target audience. Have a chat to us about what we can offer you to boost your sales. A little investment in this area can go a long way!  

So if you’re ready to start listing then register today and begin your journey with William George!