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A guide to selling unwanted Christmas presents at online auctions.
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Turn your unwanted gifts into cash!

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you enjoyed the festive season and found exactly what you were after underneath your Christmas tree?

If not, and some of the gifts you received didn’t quite hit the spot or you told everyone exactly what you wanted and received multiple identical presents, we have the answer for you…sell, sell, sell!

Where to start?

As you no doubt know, there are many ways of selling both on and offline. Offline options are severely limited in terms of audience and involve you giving up some of your valuable free time.

Most online platforms inevitably involve a selling fee or will take a percentage of your profits.

Well, not with William George!

Selling through our site is simple and a great way to turn assets into cash. If you’ve only got a few items to sell, then you can join one of our collective auctions for free, with no registration or sign-up fees and no seller’s commission on the hammer price, so you keep 100% of the maximum bid.

What to sell?

There is a market for most things, both new and old.

If you have branded goods then there will be people searching for these.

Jewellery is another good place to start, and you may well have received an unwanted necklace or watch for Christmas that someone else will love. Canny shoppers looking for a good price that can’t be matched on the high street will be scouring the internet for sales like yours.

Having a good old clear out of stuff can be cathartic and profitable. Your child’s unwanted Steiff teddy bear is another collector’s treasured item. Collectables are a great way to make money as they can be highly desirable and you’re less likely to have as much competition.

How much to sell for?

Google (other search engines are available) is ubiquitous and it’s never been easier to research information. If you’re lining up a product for sale, find out how much it’s selling for on other sites. Is it available new elsewhere? Chances are you’re going to want to price it lower than retailers otherwise your customer is going to go somewhere else.

What’s the competition like? Are there loads of these available? Set the price accordingly. One of a kind? Reflect that in what you’re asking.

It’s a common mistake for newbie sellers to set the opening bid too high in the belief it will drive up profits. But actually, buyers may well move on past as they search for a bargain. Setting a lower opening bid will draw people in, with the potential then to start a bidding war. If you’re worried about not getting enough money for your unwanted present, then set a reserve price. Think about this carefully however – buyers know there is a reserve, though not at what level it is set, so they may be put off bidding. There is nothing as tempting as an item with no reserve.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Register now for free on our Seller Hub, take plenty of pictures, write an enticing description and get ready to watch those pounds roll in!