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A list of frequently asked questions about buying luxury watches from online auctions.
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Watch auction FAQs

Vikki Wilkinson
Vikki Wilkinson

Buying your first luxury watch is a special experience; something you’ll remember for years to come and a story you’ll likely pass down to future children and grandchildren. For this reason (and as well as it needing to look amazing) it’s vital you choose the right one.

It might seem like a bit of a minefield once you begin your search, however, if you do need a bit of a helping hand, below are some of our frequently asked questions on the topic.

I’ve never bought a watch at auction! Where do I start?

We get asked this a lot and remind customers not to get too daunted by the process. Do your research beforehand and have a style and brand, as well as budget, in mind. This way, you won’t be bamboozled when you enter the online bidding room.

Should I buy a popular brand?

Depending on your personal preference, you don’t necessarily have to buy a flashy branded watch in order to get the value you require. However, that being said, some people just like the swagger that comes with a Rolex! And, with pre-owned watches, it’s not uncommon for these to sell for considerably more than what they originally cost, making them a popular choice.

How much is a normal amount to spend?

That’s the beauty of auctions, they are full of surprises so you might come away spending a completely different amount to what you’d anticipated. With the classic, luxury styles - these tend to have reserves - so it’s a good idea to have a look at our current live auctions and get a feel for how much the minimum bids start at.

Should I set a highest bid?

We try to encourage our buyers to use this function on our site, yes. It gives you a clear and well-defined number to stick to and that way you shouldn’t overspend in the moment. With the buyer’s premium added to the final hammer price, we often suggest setting this so you’re totally aware of the ultimate spend.

How do I know it’s not a fake?

At William George, we have trusted sellers who we have been dealing with for years; nothing goes on sale that isn’t legit. The seller will sometimes have the original papers too, which is a bonus and will be listed on the item details if so.

Do they come with a warranty?

Sometimes – its best to check the individual lot for details as we’ll always state if warranties are included. Some will have warranties that cover up to 5 years making them very appealing.

What if I change my mind?

Once you place a bid you’re entering into a commitment with the buyer. However, if you would like to resell through our site, you can list the item in our collective auctions for free. We have a flexible approach and will do as much as we can to help.

We hold regular watch auctions at William George; it’s an area we know a lot about so make use of our team and use the chat function on our site if you have any questions.

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