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Frequently asked questions about what happens after you've won something in auction.
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What happens after I win at auction?


Whether you've bid with us before or you’re a new customer, it's always helpful to know what to expect at the end of an auction and how to connect with the vendor to sort out you getting your hands on your lovely purchase asap.

You’ll find everything you need in our buyer’s portal including how to pay for your goods and arrange delivery but here are a few of the common questions that come up about what happens once you’ve won!

Can I get postage added to my invoice?

Any shipping or collection is arranged directly by the vendor you are buying from. Once payment of your invoice has been made you will be sent an email called ‘Thanks for your payment’. Within this email there will be a link to your collection notes which hold the details of the vendor and how to make contact to arrange a collection or a shipping quote.

Where can I access my collection notes?

Simply log into your account and select ‘Connect with Sellers’ from the middle ‘pay’ section.

You then scroll down to the bottom of the page to ‘recent invoices’ and view ‘collection notes’ on the right hand side.

Can I collect my item?

All of our auctions have a delivery information section, so you will be able to see ahead of bidding what options are available to you.

If in any doubt, or the information is not clear, please do get in touch by popping onto our live chat or by emailing

If you’re buying customer returns pallets or truckloads of customer returns, these are always delivery only.

How long do I have to organise collection or delivery?

We recommend you make contact with the vendor within three days of making payment. This enables them to prepare a shipping quote and get the item packaged and sent out as soon as possible. If no contact is made with them, or if the shipping invoice is not settled within 14 days, they have the right to relist the item.

If you want to see more T&Cs on this, just click here.

I haven’t received my parcel

Currently there are some delays due to the much publicised issues with the postal service. This unfortunately means that some deliveries haven't been made as quickly as usual. If you’re concerned your purchase is taking too long to arrive, we recommend that you contact the vendor for a tracking number to pin down where your item is.  

If you need our help with any aspect of your buying journey, get in touch and one of our lovely team will assist!