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George Harrison's handwritten lyrics for "While my guitar gently weeps" go up for auction with a starting bid of £150,000!
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While your wallet gently weeps...

Luke Davies
Luke Davies

Last week we brought you a letter from the formidable Henry the VIII, and today we continue with the theme of important writings.

I am referring to the original handwritten lyrics for George Harrison’s Beatles song ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ which are going to auction.
While the style of writing and indeed, the overall neatness differ from Henry, both works hold fantastic energy.

Featuring annotations by Ringo Starr, you are getting more than just a piece of George. Not to mention “While my guitar gently weeps” also being the only Beatles song played with a guitarist from outside of the band, not just any guitarist, the one and only Eric Clapton!

An amazing document for any muso and if you are out there writing songs, hold on to those songbooks. They might be worth something one day! This particular page starts the binning at over £150,000!

I don’t imagine, however, that George would have been thinking about the future value of the page as he quickly scrawled the inner workings of his musical brain. I also doubt that any scraps & scribblings of mine will ever become so sought after, then again, I am not a Beatle!