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Learn about why online shopping and buying at auction is the way to go during the Corona Virus pandemic.
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Why online shopping is good for us

Helen Marvel
Helen Marvel

In the current climate of Coronavirus chaos, venturing to traditional retail stores, shopping centres and high streets can feel a little like entering a war zone. Earlier this morning I witnessed two tweed-wearing ladies almost coming to fisticuffs over the last punnet of blueberries.

So, stay safe people, snuggle up at home and make the most of the wonderful world of online shopping. Apart from avoiding the risk of being trampled in the rush to the front of the lengthy queue, here are our top reasons why making purchases online is actually a positive thing for us:

1. Release your brain’s happy chemicals

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The pleasure we get from shopping is down to dopamine. We get a surge of this when we’re thinking about buying something new as it’s the chemical that anticipates reward. So click away and feel those natural highs!

2. It’s better for your bank balance

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Finding the cheapest deals from comparing different websites means you’ll be able to save money by getting the best price in a way you could never do without the internet…unless you fancy traipsing to a thousand different shops and noting down the prices. It also offers fewer opportunities to be distracted and end up filling up your basket with random bits and bobs.

3. The joys of home delivery

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Let your shopping come straight to your front door and save your back from heaving those heavy bags around and from you getting drenched in one of the numerous downpours the UK weather has been keen to throw on us recently.

4. The breadth of choice

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That annoying experience of wasting time that inevitably comes with spending a day shopping and returning home empty-handed. With a whole world (quite literally) at your fingertips, the chances of not finding what you’re after are pretty remote.

5. Sending gifts is simple

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Studies show that we actually get a greater feeling of happiness when we spend money on others than when we spend it on ourselves. You can find the perfect item for anyone online and easily have things personalised. It also helps for those minute panics when you’ve forgotten a birthday and need speedy delivery!

6. It’s less stress

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Shopping in the real world can be challenging, never more so than right now with crowds and empty shelves. Stress can cause all kinds of problems for us, including high blood pressure, depression and anxiety, so if it can be avoided when possible, let’s do it.

7. Avoid the feeling of disappointment

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From being able to read reviews, so you know you’ll get what you want, to easily being able to send things back, internet shopping is way more effective in being able to deliver what you truly need to buy.

8. No nudge, nudge, wink, wink

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We’re not judging and neither will anyone else if you’re hankering after something you’d rather not be seen carrying down your street. Enjoy the luxury of discreet packages being delivered and treat yourself to that cringeworthy item without the feeling of embarrassment of being spotted with it.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to improve your wellbeing and start spending. Check out our current range of exciting auctions and treat yourself today. You know it makes sense.


Do you have any other reasons why the web is best? Feel free to comment below!